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1 Green Ir­ish moss (Sag­ina sub­u­lata)

– low-grow­ing ground­cover that thrives in rich, moist soil. 2 Ja­panese sedge (Carex os­hi­men­sis ‘Ever­illo’)

– or­na­men­tal grass with a light cream-coloured leaf that grows to ±50cm in height. 3 Arum (Zan­thedeschia aethiopica)

– a ver­sa­tile in­dige­nous gem that can grow in sun, shade, in wa­ter or in a moist area. 4 Minia­ture pa­pyrus (Cype­rus pro­lifer)

– an­other in­dige­nous filler; a low-grow­ing reed that makes a great ad­di­tion to wa­ter fea­tures. 5 Tas­ma­nian tree fern (Dick­so­nia antarc­tica)

– a medium-sized tree fern with a sturdy stem that pro­duces hardy, dark green leaves on many fronds up to 1.2m in length. 6 Cor­si­can mint (Men­tha re­quienii)

– a thickly mat­ted ground­cover with small mint-scented leaves; grow it be­tween pavers where it will re­lease its fra­grance when brushed against. 7 Dwarf yel­low peri­win­kle (Vinca mi­nor ‘Gold Il­lu­mi­na­tion’)

– low-grow­ing, fast-spread­ing creeper or ground­cover; pro­vides great colour con­trast with its bright yel­low leaves and pur­ple flow­ers. 8 Tickey creeper (Fi­cus pumila)

– wall-hug­ging, self-cling­ing creeper that will turn any un­sightly wall into a green liv­ing beauty. 9 Sea thrift (Arme­ria mar­itima)

– low-grow­ing ground­cover with pink to white glob­u­lar flow­ers. 10 Baby vi­o­let (Vi­ola hed­er­acea)

– a fan­tas­tic ground­cover with a con­tin­u­ous sup­ply of small blue and white flow­ers; fast-grow­ing and re­ward­ing. 11 Amer­i­can sweet gum (Liq­uidambar styraci­flua)

– a hardy fast-grow­ing tree that bears vivid au­tumn fo­liage in yel­low, or­ange, red and plum.

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