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Health reg­u­la­tions

Health reg­u­la­tions at cer­tain air­ports re­quire that the air­craft cabin be sprayed. The spray is harm­less, but if you think it might af­fect you, please cover your nose and mouth with a hand­ker­chief.

Re­main seated

As a safety pre­cau­tion, pas­sen­gers are re­quested to re­main seated with seat­belts fas­tened after the air­craft has landed, un­til the seat­belt sign has been switched off by the cap­tain.

Por­ta­ble elec­tronic equip­ment

The use of per­sonal elec­tronic de­vices (PED’s) will ap­ply to all do­mes­tic and re­gional flights on the CRJ700/200 and DH8 Q400. Pas­sen­gers will be per­mit­ted to use PED’s such as cell phones, e-read­ers and elec­tronic tablets in flight-mode.

Cel­lu­lar tele­phones

Cel­lu­lar tele­phones may be used on the ground while pas­sen­ger doors are open. Cel­lu­lar tele­phones, smartphone­s or any de­vice with flight mode must be switched off as soon as the cabin doors are closed and when the se­nior cabin-crew mem­ber makes an an­nounce­ment on the pub­li­cad­dress sys­tem.

Lap­top com­put­ers

Lap­tops with CD ROM and DVD drive, hand­held cal­cu­la­tors, elec­tric shavers and por­ta­ble per­sonal lis­ten­ing de­vices may not be used on the ground dur­ing taxi but may be used dur­ing the flight when the seat­belt signs are switched off and with per­mis­sion from the cap­tain. Should cir­cum­stances dic­tate oth­er­wise, a pub­lic-ad­dress an­nounce­ment can­celling this con­ces­sion will be made by a crew mem­ber.

Pro­hib­ited equip­ment

Por­ta­ble prin­ters, laser point­ers, video equip­ment, CB/AM/FM/FHF/ satel­lite re­ceivers, two-way ra­dios, com­pact disc and mini-disc play­ers, scan­ners, re­mote-con­trolled toys and power con­vert­ers are pro­hib­ited for use at any time.

Safety pam­phlet

Read the safety pam­phlet in the seat pocket in front of you and take note of your near­est emer­gency exit.

Smok­ing In ac­cor­dance with in­ter­na­tional trends, smok­ing is not per­mit­ted on board any SA Ex­press flights.

Seat belts Please fas­ten your seat belt when­ever the seat belt signs are il­lu­mi­nated. For your own safety we sug­gest that you keep it fas­tened through­out the flight.


When in doubt, please con­sult our cabin crew.

For your com­fort and se­cu­rity, please com­ply with the above safety reg­u­la­tions at all times

while on board

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