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Strange tales in­volv­ing the women of the night …

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It hap­pened a decade ago. The Se­cret Foot­baller was with the SA Un­der-20 na­tional team in Ethiopia and the play­ers fell into the hands of pros­ti­tutes. It hap­pened again while he was with Or­lando Pirates play­ing in the Caf Cham­pi­ons League, where one of the play­ers sneaked in a lady of the night and ran into a world of trou­ble when he didn’t have the money to pay her af­ter the trans­ac­tion. Ziyawa!

As usual, be­fore we play a

match we would go to camp first. In those camps, ob­vi­ously, cer­tain play­ers would sneak girls into their rooms, es­pe­cially when we played away. It was nor­mal for us. But it got worse when they would bring in pros­ti­tutes and that caused a big prob­lem be­cause you don’t know that per­son. It used to hap­pen of­ten and we ended up hav­ing a se­cu­rity guard go­ing with the team and to keep a close watch on those play­ers who were known to bring in girls dur­ing camps. But then again, cer­tain play­ers were naughty to such an ex­tent where they would try to con­vince the se­cu­rity guards to come with them while they are go­ing to get some food. And while the se­cu­rity guard was away with the play­ers to get food, oth­ers who re­mained be­hind would sneak pros­ti­tutes into the rooms. Dis­tracted by the food mis­sion, the se­cu­rity guards would be blind to the plot be­ing hatched back at the ho­tel. In one in­ci­dent with the Un­der-20 na­tional team, we were in Kenya for about two to three weeks for a train­ing camp when an in­ci­dent hap­pened in­volv­ing a strange woman. But it be­came worse when we went to Ethiopia. When we ar­rived, there were a whole lot of pros­ti­tutes next to where we were stay­ing, so ev­ery­one was ex­cited about that.

Just imag­ine a 20-year-old

“buy­ing” a pros­ti­tute … that’s very bad be­cause at the end of the day you are re­ly­ing on a con­dom for pro­tec­tion, as you don’t even know what dis­eases that per­son has and so on. And any­thing can hap­pen dur­ing in­ter­course: just imag­ine, you are there to play foot­ball then you get sick when you are in Ethiopia, that’s how much foot­ballers don’t take care of them­selves. So, al­most ev­ery­one bought pros­ti­tutes in Ethiopia. Mind you, it was not just the play­ers, even some del­e­ga­tion mem­bers were known to par­take. At the ho­tels where we were stay­ing, the pros­ti­tutes would stand out­side, know­ing that there were vis­i­tors and they knew that it was an op­por­tu­nity for them to make money and the play­ers would end up buy­ing, as well as the del­e­gates and dig­ni­taries. It came to the point that even the Ethiopian se­cu­rity guards al­lowed the pros­ti­tutes to en­ter the ho­tels, ac­cept­ing bribes. And it was not only hap­pen­ing with the Un­der-20s, even with some Pre­mier Soc­cer League teams. I re­mem­ber while I was still play­ing for Or­lando Pirates and we went to play in the Cham­pi­ons League. A cer­tain player did not have money on that trip but still man­aged to sneak a pros­ti­tute into the ho­tel.

So the pros­ti­tute slept over in

his room and he knew that he didn’t have money. What he then did was, in the morn­ing he tried to dodge the girl and went to the bus we were us­ing to travel to the sta­dium where we were sup­posed to play. Then as we are about to leave, the girl came straight to the bus and halted the driver. She came in­side and said, there is a guy who owes me money here for a busi­ness trans­ac­tion that hap­pened last night and pointed out the guy. It was so em­bar­rass­ing for him to have a lady of the night com­ing into the bus and say­ing you didn’t pay her for the ser­vices last night. You know when you do these kinds of things, they make sure that it stays away from the me­dia and no one must know. In that sit­u­a­tion, the man­ager had to be called in and they called that player to come and ex­plain what hap­pened. The team man­ager then took his own money out from his pocket and paid the lady. When we re­turned to the ho­tel that player had to go to a dis­ci­plinary com­mit­tee hear­ing but even to­day, we don’t know what hap­pened from there as it was kept un­der wraps. These guys can be naughty at times yerrr and I be­lieve that these things still hap­pen even now when play­ers go into camp.

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