Gift of the Gi­vers and the Knys­na Ho­ney­bee

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With mo­re than 300 bee­hi­ves ha­ving been de­stroy­ed in the fi­res in Gre­a­ter Knys­na, di­sas­ter re­lief or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on Gift of The Gi­vers has com­men­ced the pro­cess of re­ha­bi­li­ta­ting the Ca­pe ho­ney­bee by spon­so­ring the set­ting up of new hi­ve stands, pro­vi­ding pol­len and nec­tar sub­sti­tu­tes for fee­ding in the short term and es­ta­blis­hing plants rich in pol­len and nec­tar (such as pe­ren­ni­al ba­sil and bora­ge).

Buc­kets for Bee re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on ar­ri­ved on Ju­ne 20 for dis­tri­bu­ti­on throug­hout the a­rea.

Gift of the Gi­vers re­por­ted that on Ju­ne 15 t­hey had al­re­a­dy re­le­a­sed the first pay­ment of R250 000 to­wards this pro­ject. The Ca­pe ho­ney­bee (A­pis mel­li­fe­ra ca­pen­sis) is u­ni­que in that it is on­ly found in the fyn­bos-rich re­gi­ons of the We­stern and Eas­tern Ca­pe and is the on­ly bee in the wor­ld that can cre­a­te a laying wor­ker qu­een should their qu­een die by ac­ci­dent or di­se­a­se.

It has al­so been pro­ven to be mo­re ro­bust than ma­ny ot­her spe­cies of bees, see­mingly a­ble to re­sist ma­ny of the di­se­a­ses thre­a­tening bees in ot­her parts of the wor­ld.

T­hey are an im­por­tant pol­li­na­tor of ma­ny fyn­bos spe­cies and the de­va­sta­ti­on in our a­rea has left ma­ny of them trau­ma­ti­sed and hun­gry.

Should you be in­te­rested in par­ti­ci­pa­ting in this pro­ject, p­le­a­se vi­sit www.gif­toft­he­gi­

Most Knys­na re­si­dents must ha­ve seen the g­reen Gift of the Gi­vers trucks that ha­ve stre­a­med in­to to­wn and be­co­me a fa­mi­li­ar sig­ht out­si­de the C­hec­kers par­king lot.

The aid t­hey pro­vi­de does not just stop at food par­cels – as at Ju­ne 19 t­hey had dis­tri­bu­ted 5 000 food par­cels to in­di­vi­du­als and fa­mi­lies, pro­vi­ded sup­plies to va­ri­ous dis­tri­bu­ti­on cen­tres and de­li­ver­ed a ran­ge of li­quids and food i­tems to 1 200 fi­re­men on a dai­ly ba­sis – t­hey al­so ma­de a R15 000 do­na­ti­on of me­di­cal sup­plies to the Knys­na Pro­vin­ci­al Hos­pi­tal, and ha­ve been do­na­ting pet food and me­di­cal sup­plies to Knys­na A­ni­mal Wel­fa­re So­cie­ty and ot­her a­ni­mal shel­ters in the af­fected a­re­as.

T­hey ha­ve a te­am of 20 pe­op­le on the ground, all of w­hom are being ac­com­mo­da­ted at the Log Inn at no cost.

T­hey are a­wa­re of the des­pe­ra­te need for hor­se and li­ves­tock fod­der as a re­sult of the vast tracts of gra­zing land that ha­ve been de­ci­ma­ted by the fi­res in Knys­na and sur­rounds. Far­mers in the Free Sta­te do­na­ted 1 600 ba­les of fod­der to Gift of the Gi­vers, who re­por­ted on Ju­ne 20 that t­hey we­re pro­vi­ding 25 su­per­links to trans­port the fod­der from Hert­zog­vil­le, Bult­fon­tein, Wel­kom, Wes­sels­bron and Ven­ters­burg.

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