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“Wow, Knys­na has not had such a spe­ci­al B­rid­ge Tour­na­ment e­ver be­fo­re.”

This is the o­pi­ni­on of Hei­di At­kin­son of the Knys­na Du­pli­ca­te B­rid­ge Club, af­ter the club still went a­he­ad to host this e­vent this past wee­kend de­spi­te qui­te a few can­cel­la­ti­ons af­ter the Knys­na fi­res.

Ac­cor­ding to At­kin­son the tour­na­ment was cal­led the ‘pre-Oys­ter Fe­s­ti­val’ tour­na­ment, “as we u­sed to hold it du­ring the Oys­ter Fe­s­ti­val o­ver the past 12 y­e­ars. The re­a­son for chan­ging it this y­e­ar was the fact that we couldn’t play at our nor­mal ve­nue, the Ang­ling Club, due to their own fis­hing com­pe­ti­ti­on and the lack of par­king o­ver the wee­kend due to the cy­clis­ts and la­ter the ma­ra­thon run­ners,” At­kin­son said.

At­kin­son said that ma­ny play­ers from out-of-to­wn we­re ab­so­lu­te­ly sym­pat­he­tic to Knys­na’s p­lig­ht, re­que­s­ting that she run a col­lecti­on, “and wow, we col­lected R5 500 for our Di­sas­ter Fund in cash which the Vi­ney­ard Church will be ad­mi­nis­tra­ting. In ad­di­ti­on a few play­ers that could not co­me to Knys­na for the tour­na­ment, but that had en­te­red the tour­na­ment ha­ve do­na­ted their playing fee, so all in all the mo­ney rai­sed will be a­bout R8 000.”

This tour­na­ment was a B­rid­ge red point e­vent ac­cor­ding to At­kin­son, “which me­ans it is o­pen to the w­ho­le coun­try for spe­ci­al points al­lo­ca­ti­on. We had in fact ma­ny top play­ers of South A­fri­ca ta­king part.”

Win­ners of the re­specti­ve groups

Group A:

1. Hen­nie Fick and Hen­ry Wu (Jhb) 2. Lot­te So­ren­sen and Rob S­te­phens (Jhb)

3. Alon Ap­te­ker and Rob Sul­cas (Jhb and Ca­pe To­wn)

Group B:

1. Car­ren E­me­ry and Ca­rin Ver­burg (Ca­pe To­wn)

2. Liz Cork and Ju­ne Pry­ce (Ca­pe To­wn)

3. Rie­kie Louw and Mur­ray Eg­nos (Her­ma­nus)

Group C:

1. Ju­dy B­lyth and A­ni­ta Crou­cher (Dur­ban­vil­le)

2. He­len Be­at­ty and Ju­dy K­nips­heer (Ca­pe To­wn)

3. Ann In­gel and Jill Ma­thie­sen (Knys­na)

The ‘Midd­le for Didd­le’ (ne­a­rest sco­re to ‘par’ or 50%) pri­ze went to A­d­re Wi­id and To­bi Ver­maak from Sed­ge­field, whil­st a spe­ci­al pri­ze for ne­w­co­mers was a­war­ded to Viv Le­ach and Ron­nie Hann­weg.

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

T­he­se play­ers will play for South A­fri­ca in August, in Fran­ce for the Ber­mu­da Bo­wl. From left is tour­na­ment or­ga­ni­ser Hei­di At­kin­son, the club’s youn­ge­st Grand Mas­ter of B­rid­ge, Rob S­te­phens and Grand Mas­ters Craig Go­wer, Dr Ber­nard Don­de and Alon Ap­te­ker.

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