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The “10 Days, 5 E­vents and 1 Ra­ce” ca­me to a nail-bi­ting end on Sun­day, Ju­ly 16 as com­pe­ti­tors in the Ma­se­ra­ti BIG5 Chal­len­ge ra­ced e­ach ot­her and the clock in the fi­nal e­vent of the chal­len­ge – the Mo­men­tum Knys­na Fo­rest Half Ma­ra­thon.

Af­ter com­ple­ting a moun­tain bi­king, o­pen­wa­ter swim­ming, trail-run­ning and an MTB X cour­se o­ver 10 days, com­pe­ti­tors we­re re­lie­ved to on­ly ha­ve a 21km run be­t­ween them and the tit­le of Ma­se­ra­ti BIG5 Chal­len­ge fi­nis­her.

In the men’s ra­ce the main du­el was be­t­ween Brad­ley Weiss and Kee­gan Cooke for the o­ver­all tit­le, with Weiss ta­king it in an accu­mu­la­ti­ve ti­me of 07:21.05. The le­a­der­bo­ard in the wo­men’s ca­te­go­ry chan­ged mul­ti­ple ti­mes du­ring the 10 days of the com­pe­ti­ti­on, with Vic­ky van der Mer­we pip­ping Ka­te Dodds at the post to claim the o­ver­all tit­le with a cu­mu­la­ti­ve ti­me of 08:37.52.

Said Weiss, “The­re was such a cool vi­be, this is such a u­ni­que ra­ce. I am very hap­py to co­me a­way with the o­ver­all win. I had the le­ad co­ming in­to the last ra­ce and that ga­ve me the op­por­tu­ni­ty to run within my­self. The wo­men’s ra­ce was very ex­ci­ting and I think Vic­ky did a­ma­zingly well to re­gain the ti­me de­fi­cit that she had going in­to the run this mor­ning.”

Vic­ky agreed, saying, “I had a very bad first day and lost a lot of ti­me on that 80km moun­tain bi­ke ra­ce and I ha­ve been cha­sing e­ver sin­ce. I had a very de­fi­ni­te plan for to­day and I stuck to it. I just ma­de su­re I main­tai­ned my pa­ce – af­ter four e­vents I was de­fi­ni­te­ly hur­ting but I am hap­py with how it tur­ned out.”

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O­ver­all top three men in the Ma­se­ra­ti BIG5 Chal­len­ge (from left): 2nd - Kee­gan Cooke 7:49.36; 1st - Brad­ley Weiss 7:21.05; and 3rd - Mit­chel S­par­row 8:20.35.

O­ver­all top three wo­men in the Ma­se­ra­ti BIG5 Chal­len­ge (from left): 2nd - Ka­te Dodds 8:41.01; 1st - Vic­ky van der Mer­we 8:37.52; and 3rd - Fie­nie Bard­nard 8:43.40.

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