Zu­ma out­co­me e­vo­kes mixed e­mo­ti­ons

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Be­fo­re the mo­ti­on of no-con­fi­den­ce was set to ta­ke pla­ce in Par­li­a­ment a­gainst Pre­si­dent Ja­cob Zu­ma on Tu­es­day, Au­gust 8, ma­ny South A­fri­cans we­re fil­led with a sen­se of ho­pe for the coun­try’s fu­tu­re.

Mi­chel­le Pie­naar of the Ge­or­ge He­rald re­por­ted that e­ven Fa­ce­book was buz­zing a­bout the fact that Zu­ma, who has been the pre­si­dent for eig­ht y­e­ars, was fa­cing his eig­hth mo­ti­on on the eig­hth day of the eig­hth month.

Pie­naar al­so wro­te that a to­tal of 13 bu­ses fil­led with ex­ci­ted DA mem­bers from the Sout­hern Ca­pe set off to Ca­pe To­wn on Tu­es­day mor­ning to join the an­ti-Zu­ma march in sup­port of the mo­ti­on in Par­li­a­ment.

The fai­lu­re of the vo­te, ho­we­ver, has broug­ht ma­ny mixed e­mo­ti­ons to ci­ti­zens in ge­ne­ral, in­clu­ding Knys­na re­si­dents.

Has­tings M­len­ga, who sells A­fri­can crafts ne­ar Wood­mill La­ne, said this fai­lu­re was to be ex­pected. “South A­fri­ca is the sa­me as e­very ot­her A­fri­can coun­try, the men in po­wer do as they p­le­a­se. It al­so wouldn’t re­al­ly help if Zu­ma had step­ped do­wn now be­cau­se, (1) t­he­re is no suit­a­ble can­di­da­te to fol­low him in my o­pi­ni­on, and (2), he has f ***** the coun­try up so bad­ly al­re­a­dy, the next per­son wouldn’t be a­ble to just fall in and fix it. We should be pa­tient till the next e­lecti­on and e­lect so­meo­ne with a plan for the fu­tu­re,” he said.

Jo­han Be­zui­den­hout said he on­ly he­ard a­bout the mo­ti­on o­ver the ra­dio on Mon­day, and com­ple­te­ly mis­sed it on Tu­es­day. “W­hen I he­ard a­bout it I ho­ped it would work, but now we can on­ly ho­pe for the be­st,” he said.

For Ya­hya Rau­ten­bach, a mu­si­ci­an, the fai­lu­re of the mo­ti­on pro­ved his o­pi­ni­on that e­ver­y­thing a­bout po­li­ti­cs should be chan­ged as he thinks cur­rent po­li­ti­cs is out­da­ted.

“It’s all just a po­wer play from po­li­ti­ci­ans see­king out and trying to gain mo­re po­wer. Mo­rals and e­thi­cs are ac­tu­al­ly the is­sue he­re, the rest is just non­sen­se,” he said.

Ni­co­let­te F­re­de­ricks said she was ex­tre­me­ly di­sap­poin­ted a­bout the mo­ti­on fai­ling. “I re­al­ly don’t want him as our pre­si­dent. In the days be­fo­re this go­vern­ment we ne­ver had trou­ble li­ke this,” she said.

Ot­her re­si­dents are either di­sap­poin­ted, or not in­te­rested at all.

The mo­re el­der­ly re­si­dents this jour­na­list spo­ke to either had no com­ment or said they ex­pected this to hap­pen. One el­der­ly la­dy who did not want to be pho­to­grap­hed or i­den­ti­fied said she knew this would hap­pen and that the w­ho­le de­ba­cle was just non­sen­se.

A group of yout­hs said that they we­ren’t e­ven in­te­rested in po­li­ti­cs and didn’t seem to ca­re a­bout the fai­led mo­ti­on at all.

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Has­tings M­len­ga said the fai­lu­re in the mo­ti­on of no con­fi­den­ce should ha­ve been ex­pected.

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