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Sep­tem­ber is Tou­rism Month and ce­le­bra­ted an­nu­al­ly to en­coura­ge South A­fri­cans to ex­plo­re their own coun­try. Knys­na & Part­ners (K&P) will par­ti­ci­pa­te with a pro­gram­me which in­clu­des fi­ve dif­fe­rent walks in the gre­a­ter Knys­na a­rea.

Chai­r­per­son El­may Bou­wer says Walk Knys­na will en­coura­ge lo­cals to get to know the a­rea bet­ter and pos­si­bly do or see so­mething t­hey may not ha­ve do­ne be­fo­re.

“We li­ve in one of the pre­mier tou­rist des­ti­na­ti­ons in the coun­try, but ma­ny of us ha­ve not been tou­ris­ts in our own to­wn be­fo­re. Let’s walk Knys­na to­get­her and see the be­a­ches of Sed­ge­field, vi­sit Ju­dah S­qua­re, stroll in­to the fo­rest, and le­arn a­bout our his­to­ri­cal buil­dings,” she said.

Bou­wer said that #Wal­kKnys­na and #Wal­kSed­ge­fiel­dZA is in sup­port of the #IDoTou­rism and #WeDoTou­rism cam­paigns laun­ched by South A­fri­can Tou­rism (SAT) which are a call to acti­on to all South A­fri­cans to play a ro­le in tou­rism.

“SAT CEO Si­sa Nts­ho­na said at the launch of Tou­rism Month that we are in a tig­ht e­co­no­mic en­vi­ron­ment and tou­rism is one of the sec­tors that can pull us out,” said Bou­wer. “He has ur­ged e­ach pro­vin­ce to find w­hat is u­ni­que a­bout their re­gi­on and how it could con­tri­bu­te to tou­rism. So that is w­hat we are doing in Knys­na.”

The walks va­ry in length from one to three hours. All in­for­ma­ti­on and da­tes are on www.vi­sit­knys­na.co.za. Book­ing is es­sen­ti­al.


Three fes­ti­vals are plan­ned for Sep­tem­ber: the Knys­na Tim­ber Fe­s­ti­val (29 Sep­tem­ber - 1 Oc­to­ber), the He­ri­ta­ge Day Sed­ge­field Craft Beer Fe­s­ti­val and the An­nu­al DCT He­ri­ta­ge Day E­vent (24 Sep­tem­ber) which will gi­ve lo­cals and vi­si­tors the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ex­pe­rien­ce lo­cal cul­tu­re, Knys­na’s tim­ber he­ri­ta­ge and the lo­cal craft beer in­du­stry.

Knys­na will al­so be re­pre­sen­ted by K&P at the an­nu­al Gau­teng Ge­ta­way Show from 23 to 25 Sep­tem­ber. “We are doing e­ver­y­thing pos­si­ble to pro­mo­te our to­wn,” said Bou­wer, “and I would li­ke to ur­ge the com­mu­ni­ty of Knys­na do the sa­me. Let’s fo­cus on spre­a­ding po­si­ti­ve s­to­ries a­bout Knys­na on so­ci­al me­dia. Tou­rism is e­ver­yo­ne’s bu­si­ness. I feel ve­ry strongly a­bout t­his. The o­nus is on e­ach one of us to speak well of Knys­na e­ven in a ne­ga­ti­ve si­tu­a­ti­on, ot­her­wi­se we are doing da­ma­ge to tou­rism and to our to­wn.”

The Harff gi­rls from Knys­na en­coun­te­red t­his wei­rd and won­der­ful ‘mon­ster’ on the be­ach du­ring a re­cent walk.

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