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The a­men­ded wa­ter re­stricti­ons pro­po­sed and accep­ted by the coun­cil’s ma­yo­ral com­mit­tee at its meet­ing in Ju­ly re­por­ted last by Knys­na-P­lett He­rald, was one of the i­tems that ser­ved be­fo­re coun­cil at the re­cent or­di­na­ry coun­cil meet­ing, held on Au­gust 11.

The pro­po­sed a­mend­ments re­com­men­ded we­re not pas­sed, as the mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger (MM) poin­ted out that ta­riffs can­not be a­men­ded in this fashi­on. In terms of the Mu­ni­ci­pal Fi­nan­ce Ma­na­ge­ment Act (MFMA), ta­riffs form part of the an­nu­al bud­get and may the­re­fo­re on­ly be a­men­ded by me­ans of an ad­jus­t­ment bud­get, of which the­re is ge­ne­ral­ly one a y­e­ar. Ho­we­ver, the re­so­lu­ti­on pas­sed was that the re­port be no­ted, that ag­gres­si­ve wa­ter de­mand ma­na­ge­ment be im­ple­men­ted ur­gent­ly, that the com­mit­tee be kept a­bre­ast of pro­gress in this re­gard and that they mo­ni­tor the cur­rent si­tu­a­ti­on.

Any mo­vement be­t­ween ex­is­ting wa­ter re­stricti­on le­vels can on­ly be ap­pro­ved by the ma­yor in con­juncti­on with the MM, port­fo­lio coun­cil­lor and di­rec­tor of techni­cal ser­vi­ces.

The cur­rent wa­ter re­stricti­ons, at le­vel 3 with sta­ge 2 droug­ht ta­riff, will t­hus re­main in for­ce. In ac­cor­dan­ce with the pre­vai­ling ta­riffs as con­tai­ned in the bud­get’s me­di­um term re­ve­nue and ex­pen­ses fra­me­work (MTREF), the sta­ge 2 droug­ht ta­riff is des­cri­bed as a sur­char­ge of 75% of the ap­pro­ved wa­ter con­sump­ti­on ta­riff for con­sump­ti­on o­ver 20kl per month per hou­se­hold if the Ak­ker­kloof dam has 40% ca­pa­ci­ty or the Knys­na ri­ver flow drops to 200 lit­res per se­cond.

Should the stora­ge ca­pa­ci­ty re­du­ce to be­t­ween 21% and 30% with a wa­ter sup­ply of be­t­ween 15 and 21 days, then le­vel 4 re­stricti­ons may be im­ple­men­ted, which will in­tro­du­ce wa­ter shed­ding and the sta­ge 3 droug­ht ta­riff.

In terms of the sta­ge 3 droug­ht ta­riff, an ad­di­ti­o­nal 100% of the ap­pro­ved wa­ter ta­riff will be ap­p­lied to con­sump­ti­on o­ver 20kl per month on­ly if Ak­ker­kloof dam is at 30% or the ri­ver flow is at 200 lit­res per se­cond.

As is kno­wn, the Knys­na Ri­ver has stop­ped flo­wing com­ple­te­ly on se­ver­al oc­ca­si­ons la­te­ly.

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