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A hu­ge t­humbs up to Peet of C­hapè Au­to Bo­dy Re­pairs. The good old saying of “going the ex­tra mi­le” pa­les in com­pa­ri­son to your a­we­so­me thoug­ht­ful­ness and a­ma­zing ge­n­ero­si­ty. God bless you. Peet. And thank you!

Thanks to the two gent­le­men de­li­ve­ring wa­ter to the re­si­dents in C­har­lie Le­vack, Har­ker S­treet on 22 Oc­to­ber w­hen we we­re wit­hout wa­ter. You are so gent­le and re­al­ly much ap­pre­ci­a­ted. Thanks to the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty for fix­ing Wing S­treet ho­les.

To Den­tal on Gray, thank you for the straig­ht-tal­king ap­pro­ach of your doc­tors and ex­cel­lent, ef­fi­cient ser­vi­ce, al­ong with that of your staff. Much ap­pre­ci­a­ted!

To Ing­rid Die­sel and te­am at Pe­zu­la for a won­der­ful fun­drai­sing golf day.

R143 000 was rai­sed for a gre­at cau­se.

To the kind pa­ra­me­di­cs who cle­a­ned my gra­ze and bandaged it at the S­tep­ping S­to­nes fun run. Much ap­pre­ci­a­ted, you two did a good job.

A hu­ge t­humbs-up to all staff at Knys­na Ad­van­ced Day Hos­pi­tal, w­he­re I was tre­a­ted with kind­ness, gen­ui­ne ca­re and a po­si­ti­ve at­ti­tu­de. From re­cep­ti­on to ward sis­ters to t­he­a­t­re staff, a­na­est­he­tist and ort­ho­pa­e­dic sur­ge­on. They are in­deed w­hat the me­di­cal pe­op­le should be. Thank you all.

To John Win­field Op­to­me­trist, thank you for get­ting me the cor­rect glas­ses.

To the Knys­na Li­ons for hel­ping me get glas­ses.

To Knys­na Ve­te­ri­na­ry C­li­nic for their free ser­vi­ces to the com­mu­ni­ty’s a­ni­mals on 4 Oc­to­ber and 1 No­vem­ber.

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