De Waal kil­lers get their due

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Af­ter al­most two y­e­ars of he­ar­ta­che and up­he­a­val a­mong Crags re­si­dents, the two men who mur­de­red one of their own, a be­lo­ved for­mer Bi­tou law en­for­ce­ment mem­ber, fa­ced the long arm of the law in the Knys­na Re­gi­o­nal Court on F­ri­day 10 No­vem­ber.

The 20-y­e­ar-old Frank­lin de Waal was kil­led on Va­len­ti­ne’s Day last y­e­ar – just a few me­tres from his ho­me in the Crags. His bo­dy was found by a fa­mi­ly mem­ber in Geel­hout Street on 14 Fe­bru­a­ry 2016. He had been stab­bed in the chest and his cel­lp­ho­ne was mis­sing.

One of his kil­lers, Dil­lon Toll (19) was sen­ten­ced to 15 y­e­ars be­hind bars and his ac­com­pli­ce, a 16-y­e­ar-old boy who may not be na­med as he is a mi­nor, was han­ded an eig­ht-y­e­ar sen­ten­ce. Four of t­he­se will be spent at a youth fa­ci­li­ty. T­he­re­af­ter he will ha­ve to ap­pear in court a­gain to de­ter­mi­ne how the rest of his sen­ten­ce will be ser­ved.

The teen­a­ger was al­so con­victed of a theft char­ge re­la­ting to De Waal’s cel­lp­ho­ne.

The two we­re ar­res­ted by P­let­ten­berg Bay ace de­tecti­ve War­rant Of­fi­cer John Nom­doe re­specti­ve­ly on March 27 and A­pril 13 last y­e­ar. They ap­p­lied for bail in the Knys­na Ma­gi­stra­te’s Court, but t­his was de­nied.

The mur­der roc­ked the u­su­al­ly qui­et com­mu­ni­ty on the out­skirts of P­let­ten­berg Bay and has led to se­ver­al pro­tes­ts by re­si­dents, in­clu­ding a­gainst po­li­ce’s i­ni­ti­al fai­lu­re to ar­rest sus­pects they had i­den­ti­fied as De Waal’s kil­lers.

So­me of t­he­se pro­tes­ts tur­ned vi­o­lent w­hen re­si­dents mar­ched to the hou­se of two men they be­lie­ved mur­de­red De Waal and plun­de­red the pro­per­ty. Se­ver­al mem­bers we­re ar­res­ted fol­lo­wing t­his acti­on.

T­his led to furt­her un­hap­pi­ness as re­si­dents felt it “un­fair” that they had been the on­es be­hind bars and not the kil­lers.

Re­si­dents ha­ve ho­we­ver sin­ce then said they felt vin­di­ca­ted now that the two men they i­ni­ti­al­ly i­den­ti­fied, we­re the on­es ar­res­ted by po­li­ce.

A­mong tho­se in the gal­le­ry du­ring sen­ten­cing we­re friends and fa­mi­ly as well as the a­rea’s ward coun­cil­lor and Bi­tou de­pu­ty ma­yor Jes­si­ca Kam­kam

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