Packing a punch on Ward 4 sports day

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‘The­re will be rug­by, soccer and net­ball tou­r­na­ments’

Fans of box­ing can look for­ward to an ex­ci­ting Ward 4 sports day la­ter t­his month w­hen lo­cal boxers and tho­se from out­si­de the Gar­den Rou­te will pre­pa­re them­sel­ves for an ex­ci­ting day of fis­ti­cuffs at Chris Nis­sen P­ri­ma­ry S­chool.

W­hat is e­ven mo­re good news for the sports day on 25 No­vem­ber, which forms part of an en­ti­re sports wee­kend, is that for­mer ju­ni­or fe­at­her­weig­ht cham­pi­on Vuy­a­ni B­hun­gu, for­mer In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Box­ing Fe­de­ra­ti­on wor­ld tit­le hol­der Wel­co­me N­ci­tha, and cur­rent fe­ma­le Wor­ld Box­ing Fe­de­ra­ti­on cham­pi­on Bu­ki­we No­ni­na will be in at­ten­dan­ce, says box­ing pro­mo­ter Da­vid Faas.

“They will be tal­king to the young boxers and mo­ti­va­ting them,” says Faas.

P­let­ten­berg Bay lo­cal N­wa­bi­si­le Co­la­ni from K­waNo­kut­hu­la will fig­ht for the va­cant We­stern Ca­pe ju­ni­or fly­weig­ht tit­le a­gainst La­zo­la M­jo­no­no from Ca­pe Town, whi­le fel­low P­let­ten­berg Bay boxer U­na­thi Mnd­wa­na from Bos­sies­gif will ta­ke on the ex­pe­rien­ced Son­wa­bo T­wat­wa from Gra­ham­stown.

Ac­cor­ding to Faas, T­wat­wa was on­ce ra­ted num­ber 10 in his weig­ht class in South A­fri­ca.

“If U­na­thi wins his fig­ht he will be a com­pe­ti­tor for the We­stern Ca­pe ju­ni­or ban­tam­weig­ht tit­le e­ar­ly next y­e­ar,” says Faas.

S­pec­ta­tors of the sport would be furt­her en­ter­tai­ned, he says, by four mo­re sup­port fig­hts and one fe­ma­le box­ing bout.

Ward 4 coun­cil­lor Ve­li­le Waxa says he i­ni­ti­a­ted t­his sports wee­kend on 24 and 25 No­vem­ber as a way of keeping the c­hild­ren of Knys­na out of trou­ble.

“Inste­ad of us com­plai­ning a­bout the youth and t­hings li­ke d­rug use, I de­ci­ded to do so­mething a­bout it and star­ted t­his sports wee­kend,” says Waxa.

The wee­kend will start on F­ri­day 24 No­vem­ber with the ar­ri­val of VIP gue­sts B­hun­gu, No­ni­na and sports a­gent Mi­ke Ma­kaab.

“They will be tal­king to stu­dents and te­a­chers,” Waxa says, ad­ding that la­ter that e­ve­ning he will be laun­ching a trust fund to as­sist with e­du­ca­ti­on and sport in his ward.

“On Sa­tur­day the­re will be rug­by, soccer and net­ball tou­r­na­ments star­ting from 08:00 at the Knys­na sports grounds.”

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Ca­pe Town boxer La­zo­la M­jo­no­no (pic­tu­red he­re) will ta­ke on P­let­ten­berg Bay lo­cal N­wa­bi­si­le Co­la­ni on 25 No­vem­ber.

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