Dog di­se­a­se ca­ses so­ar in in­for­mal a­re­as

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Knys­na A­ni­mal Wel­fa­re So­cie­ty (Kaws) has war­ned of a­not­her pos­si­ble ri­se of dis­tem­per, a fa­tal and in­cu­ra­ble di­se­a­se a­mong dogs, af­ter they had to eut­ha­na­se mo­re than 90 a­ni­mals be­t­ween Ju­ly and Au­gust this y­e­ar.

Ac­cor­ding to Kaws’ Re­tha Ha­ven­ga, they de­al with dis­tem­per ca­ses dai­ly, mos­t­ly from the Horn­lee a­rea w­he­re it bro­ke out e­ar­lier this y­e­ar.

In to­tal, Kaws had to put do­wn al­most 300 dogs due to the di­se­a­se sin­ce the out­b­re­ak, Ha­ven­ga says.

As soon as a dog o­w­ner no­ti­ces symp­toms li­ke loss of ap­pe­ti­te or a dis­char­ge a­round the ey­es and no­se – or a­ny­thing ab­nor­mal – they must im­me­di­a­te­ly ta­ke their a­ni­mal to either Kaws or a vet. “This is the worst out­b­re­ak I ha­ve e­ver seen in all my y­e­ars wor­king for a wel­fa­re a­gen­cy,” she says. Ha­ven­ga re­minds dog o­w­ners of vac­ci­na­ti­on a­gainst the di­se­a­se, es­pe­ci­al­ly pup­pies.

Ot­her symp­toms

Fe­ver; lis­t­less­ness and ti­red­ness; vo­mi­ting and di­ar­rhoea; dis­char­ge from the ey­es and no­se; coug­hing; muscle tre­mors in the bo­dy and on the he­ad; sud­den ag­gres­si­ve be­ha­vi­our (o­ver­friend­ly or a mar­ked chan­ge in per­so­na­li­ty); fe­ar of wa­ter; we­ak­ness; loss of ap­pe­ti­te; sei­zu­res; pa­ra­ly­sis of the thro­at and jaw muscles, re­sulting in fo­a­ming at the mouth.

Di­s­o­rien­ta­ti­on, in­coor­di­na­ti­on and stag­ge­ring, cau­sed by pa­ra­ly­sis of the hind legs.

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