E­denX­pe­rien­ce brings the com­mu­ni­ty to­get­her on­ce a­gain

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De­spi­te in­cle­ment we­at­her for­cing the pos­t­po­ne­ment of E­denX­pe­rien­ce to 13 and 14 Sep­tem­ber, thou­sands of pe­op­le still des­cen­ded on G­len­wood Hou­se S­chool for non­stop, a­dre­na­li­ne-pum­ping acti­on. Tho­se in at­ten­dan­ce we­re al­so tre­a­ted to the Kids Fun Park, li­ve en­ter­tai­n­ment, the beer tent and a wi­de va­ri­e­ty of scrump­ti­ous food at the food stalls.

For he­ad­li­ne spon­sor Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce, the e­vent pro­vi­ded a mag­ni­fi­cent op­por­tu­ni­ty for s­taff mem­bers and part­ners to join the Ge­or­ge com­mu­ni­ty in ce­le­bra­ting the ca­ma­ra­de­rie of the day. We are al­so very ple­a­sed that a por­ti­on of pro­ceeds will be do­na­ted to Oak­hurst’s no­mi­na­ted be­ne­fi­ci­a­ry, Up with Do­wn’s, a s­chool in the Ge­or­ge a­rea de­di­ca­ted to tho­se li­ving with Do­wn syn­dro­me.

As part of the E­denX­pe­rien­ce, the hig­hoc­ta­ne X­tre­me Wa­ter­po­lo tou­r­na­ment took pla­ce on 7 and 8 Sep­tem­ber, ac­cor­ding to the o­ri­gi­nal sche­du­le.

Fast-for­war­ding to T­hurs­day 13 Sep­tem­ber, hund­reds li­ned up for The Ge­or­ge He­rald 10km nig­ht ra­ce Run with the S­tars, or­ga­ni­sed by the Ned­bank Run­ning Club. The rou­te star­ted at G­len­wood Hou­se S­chool and pro­cee­ded through the beau­ti­ful suburbs of Loe­rie Park and E­den.

F­ri­day broug­ht the e­ven mo­re gru­el­ling S­ports­mans Wa­re­hou­se Trail Run through gor­ge­ous fo­re­sts and farm­lands. Run­ners could choo­se be­t­ween an 18km and a 9km rou­te. For tho­se who cho­se to ta­ke t­hings a litt­le e­a­sier and wan­ted to dress up as a­liens or as­tro­nauts, the­re was al­so a 3km fun run ver­si­on of the Ge­or­ge He­rald ra­ce, the Spa­ce Ra­ce. Le­ar­ners, pa­rents and s­taff mem­bers from Up with Do­wn’s al­so so­a­ked up the e­lec­tric at­mos­p­he­re by par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the fun run.

Den­nis Sy­mes, he­ad­mas­ter of G­len­wood Hou­se, was o­ver­joy­ed with the sup­port of this pre­mier out­door fa­mi­ly e­vent. “We can­not thank our spon­sors, the com­mu­ni­ty and all the par­ti­ci­pants e­nough for their con­ti­nu­ed sup­port of the Oak­hurst E­denX­pe­rien­ce. The­re’s a par­ti­cu­lar spi­rit to this e­vent and e­ach y­e­ar it gets bet­ter and bet­ter!”

Le­ar­ners, pa­rents and s­taff from Up with Do­wn’s joi­ned s­taff from Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce for the 3km Run With the S­tars Spa­ce Ra­ce on F­ri­day e­ve­ning.

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