Fi­re victims ho­nou­red at Tim­ber Fe­s­ti­val

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A Wall of Re­mem­bran­ce to ho­nour the pe­op­le who lost their li­ves in the Knys­na Fi­res of 2017 will be un­vei­led du­ring t­his y­e­ar’s Knys­na Tim­ber Fe­s­ti­val. It al­so ho­nours pe­op­le who lost their ho­mes, li­ve­li­hoods, or pos­ses­si­ons in the fi­res, as well as the fi­re­fig­h­ters, e­mer­gen­cy te­ams, fi­re ma­na­ge­ment u­nits, the do­nors and vo­lun­teers who hel­ped fig­ht the fi­res, and who broug­ht re­lief to the pe­op­le of the re­gi­on du­ring and af­ter the tra­ge­dy.

The or­ga­ni­sers ha­ve in­vi­ted Knys­na ma­yor Mark Wil­lem­se as the guest of ho­nour for the oc­ca­si­on.

T­his y­e­ar’s fe­s­ti­val will pla­ce par­ti­cu­lar emp­ha­sis on young pe­op­le, with fun acti­vi­ties for litt­lies, in­for­ma­ti­on and ca­reer gui­dan­ce for teen­a­gers, and talks by a num­ber of kno­w­led­ge­a­ble young a­dults.

For the youth

The Knys­na Tim­ber I­ni­ti­a­ti­ve, which o­wns and runs the fe­s­ti­val, is keen to en­coura­ge young pe­op­le to pur­sue careers in the tim­ber va­lue c­hain in the re­gi­on – which in­clu­des sec­tors as di­ver­se as plan­ta­ti­on fo­re­stry, con­ser­va­ti­on, en­gi­neer­ing, car­pen­try, joi­ne­ry, and bu­si­ness.

Re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves from the Nel­son Man­de­la U­ni­ver­si­ty’s Ge­or­ge cam­pus and the South Ca­pe TVET Col­le­ge will be on hand to share in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout the cour­ses they of­fer rig­ht he­re in the Gar­den Rou­te.

S­che­du­led tou­rs of Knys­na’s tim­ber fac­to­ries and sa­w­mills will sho­w­ca­se the pro­cess of tur­ning raw logs in­to fi­nis­hed pro­ducts, and will high­lig­ht the va­ri­ous ca­reer pat­hs a­vai­la­ble in the in­du­stry. And to in­tro­du­ce very young c­hild­ren to the fun and pos­si­bi­li­ties of wor­king with wood, the­re will be a kids’ tent and acti­vi­ty a­rea w­he­re they will be sho­wn how to build s­mall i­tems li­ke co­as­ters or wooden plan­ter boxes, and how to paint and se­al them.

The bu­si­ness of the 2018 Knys­na Tim­ber Fe­s­ti­val will in­clu­de exhi­bi­ti­ons and de­mon­stra­ti­ons by sup­pliers, craf­ters, self-help groups, and NGOs, as well as a sta­tic dis­play on Sun­day mor­ning of Knys­na’s fi­re­fig­hting and res­cue e­quip­ment – whi­le the spi­rit of the fe­s­ti­val will o­ver­flow at the food court, with la­wn ga­mes fe­a­tu­ring o­ver­si­zed wooden toys (Jen­ga, a­nyo­ne?), and on F­ri­day af­ter­noon, at the Ro­bin Hood & Fo­rest Fai­ry Pa­ge­ant or­ga­ni­sed by Ace Mo­dels.

The fe­s­ti­val will ta­ke pla­ce at Tim­ber Vil­la­ge on Wel­be­dacht La­ne from F­ri­day 5 to Sun­day 7 Oc­to­ber. The Wall of Re­mem­bran­ce will be un­vei­led on Sa­tur­day at 10:00, and the spea­ker pro­gram­me will run on Sa­tur­day and Sun­day. P­le­a­se see www.tim­ber­fes­ti­ for de­tails.

En­tran­ce to the fe­s­ti­val vil­la­ge will cost R20 (to co­ver the cos­ts of se­cu­ri­ty, cle­a­ning, etc.), but the­re will be no char­ge if you want to at­tend just the un­vei­ling of the Wall of Re­mem­bran­ce.

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