How best to get these ben­e­fits?

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It’s su­per easy! Try these:

BREAK­FAST: Add a tea­spoon of turmeric to scram­bled eggs or a frit­tata.

LUNCH: Spice up your roast veg­eta­bles with a dessert­spoon of turmeric. The flavour com­bines re­ally well with cau­li­flower and root veg­eta­bles. Or sauté greens like kale, cab­bage and broc­coli with but­ter and turmeric – de­li­cious! For a more sub­tle flavour, make an amaz­ing (and healthy) salad dress­ing us­ing olive oil, lemon juice, turmeric, hi­malayan salt and black pep­per.

DIN­NER: This spice en­hances the flavour of most soups. Add it to a creamy, cur­ried cau­li­flower soup and to stan­dard veg­etable and chicken soups. For a more sub­stan­tial meal, add the spice to cauli rice and top it with cur­ried meat of your choice.

DRINKS: You can even in­cor­po­rate turmeric into smoothies and teas! A turmeric-gin­ger com­bi­na­tion works well. If you don’t like the taste of turmeric in your smoothie, just mask the flavour a lit­tle by adding more yo­ghurt and cin­na­mon.

NOTE: To get the most out of this miracle spice, take it daily in con­junc­tion with black pep­per. The BioPer­ine or Piper­ine in black pep­per im­proves cur­cumin’s bioavail­abil­ity and en­hances its ab­sorp­tion by a stag­ger­ing 2000 per­cent, so even a small amount be­comes ef­fec­tive. If you choose to get a cur­cumin sup­ple­ment, in­stead, make sure you buy one con­tain­ing BioPer­ine as well.

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