Child­ren res­cue bo­ats hit by high ti­de

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On T­hurs­day 24 Au­gust, a high ti­de which swam­ped San­tos Be­ach and the Mos­sel Bay Yacht and Bo­at Club grounds da­ma­ged fi­ve bo­ats sub­stan­ti­al­ly.

The­se bo­ats had been on the land. Pu­pils of the Le­arn to Sail S­chool at the club drop­ped w­hat t­hey we­re doing and res­cu­ed the bo­ats from the high wa­ter cau­sed by a s­pring ti­de. The s­chool’s prin­ci­pal, El­fie Hol­den, said: “We we­re not going out to sea. We couldn’t launch be­cau­se the wa­ves we­re so bad.

I had the child­ren doing land drills and class­room work. W­hen we look­ed a­gain the wa­ves we­re so bad t­hey we­re pus­hing the bo­ats a­round.

“The child­ren all ran in­to the wa­ter in their clot­hes and e­ven in s­chool clot­hes and we re­mo­ved 13 bo­ats from the be­ach to a hig­her gras­sy a­rea on San­tos be­ach and on to the yacht club pre­mi­ses. We pus­hed them or trol­ley­ed them.

“The wa­ter was so high, so­meti­mes the child­ren we­re waist deep. We had 18 child­ren and t­hey all pul­led to­get­her to sa­ve the bo­ats. We star­ted at 16:00 and it took us an hour.

The child­ren had lots of scra­t­ches, bumps and brui­ses. T­hey we­re from Sao Bras and Hil­l­crest that af­ter­noon. T­hey ma­de me very proud.”

Hol­den said: “One Ho­bie 16 is to­tal­ly writ­ten off. A Dart has a lar­ge ho­le and will ha­ve to re­pai­red. Of the 13 bo­ats we sa­ved, a­bout fi­ve we­re da­ma­ged.

T­hey bum­ped a­gainst the dust­bins moun­ted on po­les on the be­ach. W­hen the sea pul­led back t­hey got crus­hed a­gainst the po­les.

“I ha­ve been he­re for 12 y­e­ars and I ha­ve ne­ver seen the sea li­ke that.”

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