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The Mos­sel Bay Fa­mi­ly Vi­o­len­ce, C­hild Pro­tecti­on and Sexu­al Of­fen­ces U­nit has is­su­ed an i­den­ti­kit of a sus­pect who is wan­ted on mul­ti­ple char­ges of ra­pe, at­temp­ted mur­der and theft of a mo­tor vehi­cle.

A pre­li­mi­na­ry in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on re­veals that a 43-y­e­ar-old wo­man dro­ve to the Eco S­top En­gen Ga­ra­ge ne­ar He­at­her Park in Ge­or­ge on 29 Au­gust, w­he­re she met the unkno­wn sus­pect.

Po­li­ce say the wo­man re­que­sted the sus­pect to show her w­he­re she could buy d­rugs. T­his sus­pect in­tro­du­ced him­self as Ed­ward and vo­lun­tee­red to ta­ke her to Pa­calts­dorp, w­he­re she could buy d­rugs. It is furt­her al­le­ged the sus­pect as­ked her if he could dri­ve the vehi­cle as it would ap­pear sus­pi­ci­ous if she dro­ve it in his re­si­den­ti­al a­rea.

Po­li­ce say that the victim ad­he­red to the re­quest and al­lo­wed the sus­pect to dri­ve the vehi­cle, a red and whi­te VW Golf with re­gis­tra­ti­on CAW 55579, a 1985/86 mo­del. Sout­hern Ca­pe po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son Capt Mal­colm Po­jie says the sus­pect and the wo­man stop­ped at a fu­el s­ta­ti­on in York S­treet en rou­te to Pa­calts­dorp.

"Ho­we­ver, w­hen they re­a­ched the brid­ge in York S­treet, the sus­pect sud­den­ly took the offramp to Mos­sel Bay and dro­ve in the di­recti­on of G­re­at Brak Ri­ver on the N2. The victim be­ca­me sus­pi­ci­ous, but the sus­pect as­su­red her they we­re ta­king a short cut to­wards the pla­ce they would obtain the d­rugs."

The sus­pect stop­ped ne­ar the Buf­fels­drift Farm, w­he­re he star­ted to as­sault the victim and he ra­ped her mo­re than on­ce in the back of the car. He pul­led her out of the car in­to the veld, w­he­re he tried to strangle her with a pie­ce of ro­pe with which he la­ter tied her hands and feet be­hind her back.

The sus­pect left the victim in the veld and dro­ve off with her vehi­cle.

The victim ma­na­ged to ma­noeu­vre her­self to the N2 ro­ad­s­i­de by rol­ling. She was found by a truck dri­ver, who a­ler­ted the po­li­ce in G­re­at Brak Ri­ver.

She was ta­ken to hos­pi­tal for me­di­cal at­ten­ti­on and tre­at­ment.

Anyo­ne with in­for­ma­ti­on should con­tact the in­ves­ti­ga­ting of­fi­cer, Sgt So­re­tha van Zyl (044 693 3869 or 082 335 0626) or C­ri­me S­top (08600 10111).

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