Success­ful pen­guin re­le­a­se

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Af­ter a re­port in the Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser on the a­lar­ming num­ber of de­ad A­fri­can Pen­guins re­cent­ly found on lo­cal be­a­ches, the­re is so­me good news.

Four of the e­le­ven young bi­rds found a­li­ve we­re re­a­dy to be re­le­a­sed and to­get­her with an a­dult pen­guin, en­joy­ed their new-found free­dom on Wed­nes­day as a group of SAPREC (Se­a­bi­rd and Pen­guin Re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on Cen­t­re) vo­lun­teers and in­terns from Whi­te S­hark A­fri­ca, re­le­a­sed them at Be­a­con Point. The a­dult was found bad­ly bit­ten by a s­hark in A­pril t­his y­e­ar.

Vet Dr Frans de Graaff stit­ched the ga­ping neck wound and af­ter the pen­guin was tu­be fed for a long pe­ri­od, the wounds he­a­led 100%, so t­his ex­tre­me­ly long re­ha­bi­li­ta­ti­on en­ded in success.

The ot­her pen­guins will be re­le­a­sed as soon as they are re­a­dy. Sin­ce the start of 2017 all A­fri­can pen­guins re­le­a­sed by SAPREC ha­ve a mi­cro­chip im­plan­ted for it to col­lect mu­chnee­ded in­for­ma­ti­on on the­se bi­rds.

If a stran­ded A­fri­can pen­guin is found on a be­ach or the rocks, im­me­di­a­te­ly call one of the e­mer­gen­cy num­bers lis­ted be­low. Stran­ded pen­guins u­su­al­ly ha­ve so­mething wrong with them and im­me­di­a­te acti­on should be ta­ken.

If a de­ad pen­guin is found, ple­a­se do not le­a­ve it on the be­ach or bu­ry it be­cau­se the cau­se of de­ath needs to be es­ta­blis­hed.

Con­tact Ca­rol Wal­ton (082 364 3382) or the Stran­ded Ma­ri­ne A­ni­mal Res­cue Te­am (S.M.A.R.T.) on 072 227 4715 if A­fri­can pen­guins are found.

P­ho­to: Ter­sia Ma­rais

A fan­tas­tic p­ho­to op­por­tu­ni­ty pre­sen­ted it­self w­hen the group of pen­guins was re­le­a­sed.

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