Young pe­op­le help rid K­waNon­qa­ba of so­ci­al ills

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The Si­son­ke Youth U­plift­ment group de­ci­ded to cle­an up a hou­se next to Ma­ga­ba's Cré­che in K­waNon­qa­ba as part of their quest to im­ple­ment their vi­si­on and mis­si­on.

The hou­se was well kno­wn as a hi­de­out for d­rug ad­dicts and cri­mi­nals and the youth group thoug­ht it ne­ces­sa­ry to rid the com­mu­ni­ty of the pro­blems stem­ming from it.

"We cle­a­ned in­si­de and a­round the hou­se. Our job was ma­de e­a­sier be­cau­se the­re was a big rub­bish bin next to it," co-or­di­na­tor G­co­ba­ni Ma­go­q­wa­na said.

T­his hou­se may pro­ve to be the per­fect pla­ce for the youth group to do com­mu­ni­ty u­plift­ment acti­vi­ties, in­ten­ded to help the lo­cal youth out of so­ci­al ills such as d­rug a­bu­se, u­nem­ploy­ment and teena­ge preg­nan­cies.

"We are as­king for as­sis­tan­ce from anyo­ne wil­ling to help us. The pre­mi­ses is in the midd­le of K­waNon­qa­ba and i­de­al for our pur­po­ses as it ma­kes it e­a­sier for us to play our part in hel­ping to cre­a­te a sa­fer en­vi­ron­ment and fu­tu­re for the young pe­op­le of our to­wn."

Anyo­ne who may wish to as­sist can con­tact the Si­son­ke Youth U­plift­ment Group (079 419 5259).

The Si­son­ke Youth De­ve­lop­ment group mem­bers cle­a­ned a pro­per­ty. Now they ho­pe to use it as a ba­se for their u­plift­ment pro­gram­mes.

The young pe­op­le, who are saying no to so­ci­al ills such as d­rug a­bu­se, cri­mi­na­li­ty and teena­ge preg­nan­cies, t­his past wee­kend cle­a­ned up w­hat was a d­rug den next to a cré­che in K­waNon­qa­ba.

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