Hump­back w­ha­le be­a­ches ne­ar G­len­ta­na

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Re­si­dents of D­wars­weg Be­ach ne­ar G­len­ta­na a­ler­ted the Mos­sel Bay Fi­re and Res­cue Ser­vi­ces to the fact that a lar­ge w­ha­le had be­a­ched the­re, e­ar­ly on Tu­es­day mor­ning, 10 Oc­to­ber.

S.M.A.R.T. (S­tran­ded Ma­ri­ne A­ni­mal Res­cue Te­am) was a­ler­ted and vo­lun­teers went to as­sess the con­di­ti­on of the mam­mal.

It was found that the sub-a­dult ma­le hump­back was al­re­a­dy de­ad and sharks and ot­her ma­ri­ne pre­da­tors had ta­ken hu­ge chunks of blub­ber from the car­cass.

Va­lu­a­ble s­cien­ti­fic me­a­su­re­ments and da­ta sam­ples we­re ta­ken by O­ce­ans Re­se­arch per­son­nel. The cau­se of de­ath is unkno­wn. The w­ha­le be­a­ched on its back, dis­playing the ven­tral groo­ves and ot­her fe­a­tu­res ra­re­ly seen very cle­ar­ly. The w­ha­le me­a­su­red 12,1 me­tres and it will be re­mo­ved by the Mos­sel Bay Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty.

S.M.A.R.T. and of­fi­ci­al res­cue ser­vi­ces ask that the pu­blic keep their dogs and them­sel­ves a­way from the car­cass and that ex­tre­me cau­ti­on be ta­ken as the­re mig­ht be an in­cre­a­se in shark acti­vi­ty in the vi­ci­ni­ty as b­lood and bo­dy fluids seep in­to the o­ce­an.

Pho­tos: Ter­sia Ma­rais

Re­si­dents ha­ve a c­lo­se look whi­le O­ce­ans Re­se­arch per­son­nel ta­ke me­a­su­re­ments and sam­ples.

Re­si­dents em­bra­ced the ra­re op­por­tu­ni­ty to ha­ve a c­lo­se look at one of the o­ce­an’s lar­ge mam­mals. The w­ha­le be­a­ched lying on its back, dis­playing its ven­tral groo­ves.

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