Hei­nous at­tacks on part­ners

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K­wa­Non­qa­ba po­li­ce are in­ves­ti­ga­ting two se­ri­ous in­ci­dents of as­sault a­gainst wo­men which took pla­ce this past wee­kend.

Pro­ba­bly the worst of the two ca­ses of as­sault with in­tent to do grie­vous bo­di­ly harm took pla­ce in Gentswa­na Street in K­wa­Non­qa­ba.

The victim was vi­si­ting a ta­vern w­hen the sus­pect wal­ked up to her and for­ce­ful­ly re­mo­ved her to his dwel­ling.

On­ce ho­me, he re­pe­a­ted­ly as­saul­ted the wo­man by hit­ting her with a belt, stab­bing her on her feet with a kni­fe and bur­ning her with a hot e­lec­tric i­ron on her fo­re­he­ad, fa­ce and bo­dy. The sus­pect then loc­ked the wo­men, who ap­pa­rent­ly was na­ked by that ti­me, in the dwel­ling and went to sleep. She ap­pa­rent­ly beg­ged him to let her go but he re­fu­sed. An ey­e­wit­nes­ses la­ter no­ti­ced a con­ti­nu­a­ti­on of the as­sault on the na­ked wo­man in the street. The wo­man was hos­pi­ta­li­sed and tre­a­ted for her in­ju­ries. The victim has sin­ce re­que­sted the po­li­ce to re­tract the ca­se as she is le­a­ving Mos­sel Bay and in­tends ne­ver to re­turn.

* The K­wa­Non­qa­ba po­li­ce are in­ves­ti­ga­ting a se­pa­ra­te in­ci­dent of grie­vous as­sault in A­dri­aans Ro­ad. In this ca­se the sus­pect ar­ri­ved ho­me from work and que­s­ti­o­ned his part­ner a­bout her w­he­re­a­bouts du­ring the day. He dis­coun­ted the victim's re­spon­se and accu­sed her of lying. He then accu­sed her of ha­ving re­la­ti­ons with ot­her men, w­he­re­af­ter he re­pe­a­ted­ly slap­ped her and hit her with a fist. He al­so as­saul­ted their nine-month-old ba­by by shaking the child. The victim has in­di­ca­ted she in­tends to ap­ply for a pro­tecti­on or­der. A­nyo­ne with in­for­ma­ti­on on the a­bo­ve ca­ses is re­que­sted to con­tact the K­wa­Non­qa­ba po­li­ce in­ves­ti­ga­ting u­nit (044 606 5600).

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