Bloc­ked drain le­ads to spil­la­ge

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This past wee­kend, in­dus­tri­al ef­flu­ent o­ri­gi­na­ting from Ne­st­lé's plant in Mos­sel Bay may ha­ve lan­ded in the storm­wa­ter c­han­nel which dis­char­ges in­to the Bay­view Ri­ver.

Ne­st­lé im­me­di­a­te­ly re­spon­ded to the spil­la­ge and cle­an-up te­ams we­re dis­pa­t­ched to re­mo­ve the ef­flu­ent by u­sing a ho­ney suc­ker.

"The­re was a blocka­ge on the pi­peli­ne which con­veys in­dus­tri­al ef­flu­ent from Ne­st­lé to the mu­ni­ci­pal pump sta­ti­on. This pi­peli­ne is lo­ca­ted in V­lei Street. As a re­sult of this blocka­ge Ne­st­le’s in­dus­tri­al ef­flu­ent flo­wed do­wn V­lei Street and f­looded the mu­ni­ci­pal pump sta­ti­on.

"As a re­sult the­re we­re lar­ge pools of ef­flu­ent in the a­rea a­round the pump sta­ti­on. In­dus­tri­al ef­flu­ent may al­so ha­ve got in­to the storm­wa­ter c­han­nel which dis­char­ges in­to the Bay­view Ri­ver," Mos­sel Bay mu­ni­ci­pal en­vi­ron­men­tal of­fi­cer War­ren Ma­nu­el said.

He stres­sed that the blocka­ge was not at the mu­ni­ci­pal pump sta­ti­on nor at any of the pi­peli­nes for which the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty was re­spon­si­ble. "A par­ti­al­ly bloc­ked ef­flu­ent drain ne­ar the on­si­te wa­ter tre­at­ment plant cau­sed a mix­tu­re of wa­ter and milk to o­ver­flow through a man­ho­le co­ver next to our Ne­st­lé Mos­sel Bay fac­to­ry on 9 Oc­to­ber," Ne­st­lé Di­rec­tor of Cor­po­ra­te Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons and Pu­blic Affairs, Ra­vi Pil­lay ex­plai­ned.

"The cau­se of the blocka­ge was a pie­ce of con­cre­te from the draina­ge sy­stem which was found lod­ged in the en­tran­ce to the trans­fer pi­pe. The o­ver­flow was con­tai­ned within the hour of i­den­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and va­cuum tan­kers we­re com­mis­si­o­ned to cle­ar the spill. The cle­an-up was com­ple­ted the sa­me day.

"Du­ring the cle­an-up, we al­so cle­a­red the ve­ge­ta­ti­on o­ver­gro­wth and rub­ble in the a­rea to en­s­u­re ti­di­ness," Pil­lay said.

He­re the ef­flu­ent is being cle­a­red a­round the mu­ni­ci­pal pump sta­ti­on. IN­SERT: A c­lo­se-up pic­tu­re of the man­ho­le w­he­re the blocka­ge was.

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