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Ja­c­que­li­ne Coet­zer, a re­si­dent of Mos­sel Bay, is par­ti­ci­pa­ting in an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal pa­ge­ant in Ca­pe Town from 9 to 14 Ja­nu­a­ry.

Du­ring the Ho­pe Pa­ge­ant, an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal e­vent ba­sed on a Chris­ti­an per­specti­ve, Coet­zer will be com­pe­ting a­gainst wo­men from all o­ver the world. Ing­rid Bur­ger, Mrs U­ni­ted Na­ti­ons 2014, is the co-foun­der of the Ho­pe Pa­ge­ant, which is o­pen to wo­men from all walks of li­fe. Tit­le hol­ders are ex­pected to acti­ve­ly do cha­ri­ty work a­mong their com­mu­ni­ties. "I would li­ke to thank e­ver­yo­ne who has con­tri­bu­ted to my jour­ney as Mrs Ho­pe E­li­te Wes­tern Ca­pe. I ha­ve, thanks to the sup­port, es­ta­blis­hed my own food net­work through which I am ho­ping to help re­ach tho­se in need. This has been a dre­am of mi­ne for ma­ny y­e­ars," Coet­zer says. A­nyo­ne wis­hing to con­tri­bu­te to­wards her pro­ject, Ja­c­que­li­ne Jour­ney, can con­tact Coet­zer (084 628 4805). She is al­so do­na­ting food to B­rig­ht Star sa­fe hou­se for 29 or­pha­ned child­ren, as well as clot­hes to teen­a­gers and ba­bies. Do­na­ti­ons of bed­ding for the ho­me are al­so wel­co­me.

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