D­rug de­a­ler sen­ten­ced

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The va­lue of im­bi­zos with the com­mu­ni­ty is that they bring pu­blic ser­vants to the he­art of w­hat keeps pe­op­le from thri­ving.

An im­bi­zo, it seems, al­so con­tri­bu­ted to the re­cent con­victi­on of a no­to­ri­ous d­rug de­a­ler by mem­bers of the Da Ga­mas­kop po­li­ce and Lan­ge­berg K9 u­nit.

In a ground­b­re­a­king and fo­cu­sed in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on, Si­ban­gi­so­ni Bi­ka­ni was char­ged on fi­ve counts of d­rug-re­la­ted cri­mes, con­victed and sen­ten­ced in Sep­tem­ber.

For fi­ve counts of de­a­ling in tik, he re­cei­ved the fol­lo­wing fi­ve sen­ten­ces: to pay a fi­ne of R1 500 or three mont­hs' im­pri­son­ment; six y­e­ars' im­pri­son­ment; a fi­ne of R2 000 or four mont­hs' im­pri­son­ment; eig­ht y­e­ars' im­pri­son­ment; and las­t­ly, 10 y­e­ars' im­pri­son­ment.

Ac­cor­ding to in­for­ma­ti­on from the po­li­ce, Bi­ka­ni's tra­de pic­ked up o­ver ho­li­day ti­mes es­pe­ci­al­ly.

Bi­ka­ni was de­nied bail after his ar­rest in JCC Camp in Ju­ly 2016 and he re­mai­ned in cus­to­dy until he was sen­ten­ced last month. He was a first of­fen­der. Bi­ka­ni's he­a­vy sentence han­ded do­wn by Ma­gi­stra­te Hen­dricks was wel­co­med by the Da Ga­mas­kop po­li­ce clus­ter com­man­der, B­ri­ga­dier Ger­hard Jan­tjies.

He said: "D­rugs are de­stroying our com­mu­ni­ties and, the­re­fo­re, we need to re­as­sess our fo­cus. Inste­ad of con­stant­ly brin­ging on­ly the d­rug u­sers to jus­ti­ce, we ha­ve to clamp do­wn on the d­rug de­a­lers. They are the ruthless on­es, who are preying on the poor­est of the poor through ad­dicti­on."

"We need to cle­an up our com­mu­ni­ties. We want to send a cle­ar mes­sa­ge to the com­mu­ni­ty: co­me for­ward. We want to help rid you of ad­dicti­on."

Of­fi­cers in­vol­ved in this success­ful in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on and con­victi­on we­re Wo De­on Louw of the Da Ga­mas­kop po­li­ce and Sgt JM S­pan­gen­berg from the Lan­ge­berg K9 u­nit.

Si­ban­gi­so­ni Bi­ka­ni

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