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The SWD Pro­mo­ti­on Le­a­gue com­pe­ti­ti­on kic­ked off this wee­kend with ne­w­co­mer St Ge­or­ge's (158 all out) re­cor­ding an im­pres­si­ve vic­to­ry of 52 runs a­gainst Wil­der­ness (106 all out). Sus­sex (117 all out) who was re­le­ga­ted to the Pro­mo­ti­on Le­a­gue was vic­to­ri­ous by 21 runs a­gainst La­di­smith (96 all out).

Blan­co (130 all out) had the up­per hand in the der­by ma­tch a­gainst New Da­wn Park (106 all out) with a 24-run vic­to­ry. Both Har­ten­bos, who be­at Hei­del­berg by 42 runs, and Ri­vers­da­le, who de­fe­a­ted K­wa­Non­qa­ba by eig­ht wic­kets, a­gain look li­ke po­ten­ti­al con­ten­ders for the tit­le.

The sum­ma­ri­sed sco­re cards are:

La­di­smith vs Sus­sex

SUS­SEX 117/10 (29.5); LA­DI­SMITH 96/10 (21.3). Sus­sex won by 21 runs.

Blan­co vs New Da­wn Park

BLAN­CO 130/10 (26); NEW DA­WN PARK 106/10 (33.2). Blan­co won by 24 runs.

G­len Ro­ses vs Ca­litz­dorp

CA­LITZ­DORP 141/8 (28.2); G­LEN RO­SES 46/10 (17). Ca­litz­dorp won by 95 runs.

Har­ten­bos vs Hei­del­berg

HAR­TEN­BOS 165/10 (44.5); HEI­DEL­BERG 123/10 (25.1). Har­ten­bos won by 42 runs.

Ri­vers­da­le vs K­wa­Non­qa­ba

K­WA­NON­QA­BA 47/10 (18.5); RI­VERS­DA­LE 48/2 (8.1). Ri­vers­da­le won by eig­ht wic­kets.

St Ge­or­ge vs Wil­der­ness Vi­pers

ST GE­OR­GE 158/10 (33.2); WIL­DER­NESS VI­PERS 106/10 (26.2). St Ge­or­ge won by 52 runs.

Krans­hoek Co­bras vs Al­ber­ti­nia

KRANS­HOEK CO­BRAS 150/10 (31.3); AL­BER­TI­NIA 72/10 (17.2). Krans­hoek Co­bras won by 78 runs.

Slang­ri­vier vs Mayf­lo­wer

SLANG­RI­VIER 67/10 (16.3); MAYF­LO­WER 68/2 (11). Mayf­lo­wer won by eig­ht wic­kets.

Melk­hout­fon­tein vs Knys­na Ca­va­liers

KNYS­NA CA­VA­LIERS 112/10 (35.5); MELK­HOUT­FON­TEIN 113/7 (29.1). Melk­hout­fon­tein won by three wic­kets.

Jo­die Du­miny, Tra­cy Ven­ter, Cat­her­i­ne Bell, Mag­da Kal­ten­brunn, An­net­te P­re­to­ri­us, Jackie Brais­her, Rachel Mul­der en Glo­ria G­rey­ven­stein.

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