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Sey­chelles is known for its quixotic beauty and mon­u­men­tal lux­ury. Con­sid­ered to be a play field of the riches, it is slowly emerg­ing as the hottest hon­ey­moon des­ti­na­tion. Its white sand, pris­tine turquoise wa­ter, and ul­tra-lux­u­ri­ous re­sorts & ho­tels make for a good com­bi­na­tion to start a new life to­gether on your Sey­chelles hon­ey­moon.

sey­chelles of­fers ev­ery­thing you’d want on your hon­ey­moon – glim­mer­ing beaches, ex­quis­ite beauty, del­ish del­i­ca­cies, heart-warm­ing peo­ple and car­ni­val-like spirit of the place.

The ideal du­ra­tion for a hon­ey­moon in Sey­chelles is 6 nights and 7 days. Since the set of is­lands are so beau­ti­ful and en­gag­ing, even 7 days could leave you ask­ing for more. It is hard to de­cide upon the best is­land in Sey­chelles for hon­ey­moon. There are many beau­ti­ful is­lands with a host of pris­tine beaches, azure wa­ters, and trop­i­cal veg­e­ta­tion.

The un­spoilt Praslin Is­land is fa­mous for Val­lée de Mai, the world renowned home

to the in­fa­mous Coco de Mer palms is num­ber one on the list of Is­lands to visit. Sec­ond to that is the Mahe Is­land – The largest is­land in Re­pub­lic of Sey­chelles is home to the high­est moun­tain ranges in Sey­chelles. Also, world’s small­est cap­i­tal, Vic­to­ria is on Mahe Is­land.

The La Digue Is­land is an­other Is­land with stun­ning beaches like Pe­tite Anse and Anse Anse Source D’Ar­gent are pretty fa­mous here. Also, beach horse-rid­ing and ex­pe­di­tion trips to tiny Félic­ité Is­land, with pop­u­la­tion of 12, from the is­land have their own at­trac­tion.

Fre­gate Is­land is pop­u­lar for recre­ational sports like scuba-div­ing, yachting and snor­kel­ing. Also, the thick forested area has its charm. Sey­chelles’ Cou­sine Is­land is fa­mous for gi­ant tur­tles; a con­ser­va­tory for en­dan­gered an­i­mals and ex­otic birds; and thou­sands of an­i­mal nest­ing sites.

To add spice to your hon­ey­moon, you can go Is­land hop­ping through cause­ways, hold­ing hands and talk­ing about your bright fu­ture. In ad­di­tion, you can ditch the bed and make out on the pris­tine white sand of the beaches un­der the glit­ter­ing sky. En­joy the stun­ning sun­sets and start the new day with daz­zling sun­rises.

Places to visit

Mis­sion Lodge Look­out – Pack a pic­nic bas­ket and set out to in­dulge your­self in the best daz­zling views of Mahe Is­land. Spot the col­or­ful birds and re­fresh­ing veg­e­ta­tion on the trails and have an un­matched ex­pe­ri­ence. You may never know, but the seclu­sion can lead to a ful­fill­ing hike with your new soul­mate.

The Clock Tower – The mon­u­ment has been in Sey­chelles for over 110 years. It is con­sid­ered to be one of the most pop­u­lar Sey­chelles’ lo­ca­tion to click a selfie with the clock tower in the back­ground.

Cathe­dral of Our Lady of Im­mac­u­late Con­cep­tion – The beau­ti­ful cathe­dral will stun you with its in­tri­cate carv­ings and del­i­cate ta­pes­tries. A must visit if you want a taste of Euro­pean beauty in the ter­ri­tory of East Africa.

Plan­ta­tion House Na­tional Mon­u­ment – Orig­i­nally a plan­ta­tion house, it has been re­fur­bished to a place apt to re­lax, re­ju­ve­nate and spend qual­ity time with your part­ner. De­li­cious food and oc­ca­sional live mu­sic draw peo­ple in from all over Sey­chelles.

Pearl Farm de Praslin – And what bet­ter way to gift your wife an in­valu­able black pearl? You can even go for art­ful del­i­cate jewelry made of real pearl. A place you must visit if you want to pam­per her and im­press her, all at the same time. Sey­chelles Na­tional Botan­i­cal Gar­dens – Lo­cated on Mahe Is­land, the Botan­i­cal Gar­dens are quixotic. Mak­ing out or just hand hold­ing on the trails, goof­ing around on the sprawl­ing gar­dens and click­ing pic­tures with in­ter­est­ing flora will be the most cher­ished mem­o­ries of your Sey­chelles hon­ey­moon.

Coco Is­land – The de­serted is­land is known for its eye-catch­ing beauty. A renowned snor­kel­ing spot, the place is the ul­ti­mate get­away – away from it hus­tle. A Sey­chelles hon­ey­moon is in­com­plete if you miss out on Coco Is­land.

Curieuse Is­land – Curieuse Is­land has a ma­rine park, which is quite fun for cou­ples on a hon­ey­moon in Sey­chelles. The red col­ored soil make for a re­fresh­ing pic­ture back­ground after all the blue and white. Home to the il­lus­tri­ous Coco de Mer, Aldabra tor­toises, man­grove forests, taka­maka trees, green sea tur­tle breed­ing, hawks­bill, and the Sey­chelles Black Par­rot – Curieuse Is­land should have a def­i­nite spot in your Sey­chel­lois hon­ey­moon itin­er­ary.

Anse Lazio – Con­sid­ered to be the best beach in Sey­chelles, Anse Lazio has lot to of­fer. Its un­matched beauty, glim­mer­ing pure wa­ter, shiny white sand and swish­ing palm trees make for per­fect hon­ey­moon set­ting in Sey­chelles.

Your Sey­chel­lois hon­ey­moon is in­com­plete with­out Sey­chel­lois food. The ba­sic in­gre­di­ents of Sey­chel­lois cui­sine are seafood, co­conut, bread­fruit, and chilies. It is one of the spici­est cuisines with a mix of fresh seafood. Some of the most pop­u­lar Sey­chel­lois del­i­ca­cies are Kat-kat Banana, Co­conut Fish Curry, Ca­tini Re­quin, Bouil­lon Bréde, Soupe de Tectec, Ta­marind Cha­tini with fish, Carotte Ba­nanas, bread­fruit, and palm leaves. Palm wine and Calou are the fa­vorite bev­er­ages for peo­ple of Sey­chelles. Most of the fa­vorites are made from co­conut sap. Bacca, Sey­brew, Ekyu, Coco D’Amour, and Dark Taka­maka Rum are other bev­er­ages liked by many lo­cals and tourists.

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