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“My dad pub­lished his first novel, Coney, when he was about 70 years old. This was af­ter a life­time of iden­ti­fy­ing him­self as a ‘nov­el­ist’ with no nov­els. It’s sim­ply that: his will and his per­se­ver­ance to be what he knew he was.”

Safety glasses

USE WHEN YOU ARE: Do­ing any­thing in­volv­ing tools (ex­cept a man­ual screw­driver). Es­pe­cially power tools. Even some­thing as seem­ingly mi­nor as driv­ing a nail can send a splin­ter of wood – or worse, the nail it­self – straight at your eye.

Work gloves

USE WHEN YOU ARE: Weld­ing, cut­ting sheet metal, dig­ging a hole for a fence post, col­lect­ing brush, or any­thing else that in­volves work that could cut, cal­lous, or stick a bunch of thorns in your hands.


USE WHEN YOU ARE: Op­er­at­ing any power tool. (A drill is prob­a­bly okay un­less you’re par­tic­u­larly del­i­cate.)

Work boots

USE WHEN YOU ARE: Work­ing. Boots give you bet­ter trac­tion and a lot more pro­tec­tion than sneak­ers. If you’re on a con­struc­tion site or hap­pen to be par­tic­u­larly clumsy, get steel toes.

Dust mask

USE WHEN YOU ARE: Strip­ping, sand­ing or pro­duc­ing air­borne par­ti­cles of any kind. And al­ways open the win­dows for ven­ti­la­tion.

“Al­ways be avail­able to get out of bed in the mid­dle of the night to help a friend who calls. Could be as sim­ple as help­ing change a flat tyre or pick­ing them up from a re­mote vil­lage. You al­ways get up and do it.”

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