My first tool kit

The lessons your kids learn with a tool kit will last a life­time. Th­ese durable tools should make it pretty far, too.

Popular Mechanics (South Africa) - - Cotents -

50 mm putty knife

The small width makes scrap­ing paint a lit­tle eas­ier to man­age.

Ratch­et­ing mag­netic screw­driver

Mul­ti­ple screw heads in one tool. Plus, the crisp ratch­et­ing ac­tion makes driv­ing screws eas­ier and less tir­ing.

475-mm steel tool­box

Big enough to fit their tools, small enough that they should still be able to pick it up. And it looks good cov­ered in stick­ers.

Ry­obi HJP004 12-volt com­pact -cord­less drill driver

This 12-volt drill packs a punch, but it’s also small and easy to han­dle.

Stan­ley Fat­max 20-220 Cush­ion Grip Multi Saw

Mount a metal-cut­ting or a wood-cut­ting blade from a re­cip­ro­cat­ing saw in this han­dle and you have a hack­saw and a wood saw, all in the same tool.

Lock­ing pli­ers

It has a hun­dred uses, from re­mov­ing a stripped bolt to act­ing as a re­place­ment han­dle on some bro­ken thingam­abob.

20 mm wood chisel

An in­tro­duc­tion to pre­ci­sion hand tools, the chisel can cut out hinge mor­tises and shave a piece of wood for a bet­ter fit.

Stan­ley 84-058 4-piece pli­ers set

Most pli­ers sets con­tain tools that are sev­eral cen­time­tres smaller than what you would get if you bought them one at a time. Good for small hands.

Safety glasses

They’re go­ing to need those eyes later.

Stan­ley tape mea­sure

A 3-me­tre is lighter than a 10-me­tre model and han­dles any project most kids will have. Adults, too.

Dewalt DW1177 20-piece black-ox­ide metal drill bit set

Cov­ers ev­ery size they should need un­til they move on to ad­vanced projects, and the set is tough enough to stand up to be­gin­ner’s mis­takes that would snap other bits.

30-piece hex key set

The full set is worth a few extra rand, since it re­duces the like­li­hood of your kid rum­mag­ing through your tools to find the one hex key their kit doesn’t have.

Rafter square

More than a tool, a square is a ge­om­e­try les­son. The built world re­lies on the 90-de­gree an­gle. This tool checks cor­ners, helps set up lay­out string, and does a dozen other jobs.

N 450-gram straight claw ham­mer

A claw ham­mer is a tool a kid can grow with. It’ll drive anything from a finish nail to a fram­ing spike. Pull anything, too.

Socket set

No need to get car­ried away. If they need more sock­ets, they can bor­row one of yours, so long as they re­mem­ber to put it back.

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