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Milk-wash­ing re­moves enough of the bit­ters’ as­trin­gency that Sch­nei­der is able to re­verse the clas­sic old­fash­ioned ra­tio, us­ing a full 2 ounces of bit­ters and only a splash of whisky.


60 ml clar­i­fied bit­ters* 7,5 ml Rit­ten­house rye (or other qual­ity, high-proof rye) 7,5 ml de­mer­ara syrup† pinch of salt

CLAR­I­FIED BIT­TERS 1-L bot­tle Henri Val­let Amargo An­gos­tura bit­ters (This brand comes in a large bot­tle, mak­ing it cheaper to use in a cock­tail with these pro­por­tions, but feel free to use any An­gos­tura bit­ters.) 60 ml fresh lemon juice 1 litre whole milk

DE­MER­ARA SYRUP 2 cups de­mer­ara sugar 1 cup wa­ter


1 / To make the de­mer­ara syrup, stir two parts sugar into one part wa­ter over medium heat un­til the sugar dis­solves. Let cool. 2 / To make the clar­i­fied bit­ters, com­bine bit­ters and lemon juice and slowly stir this mix­ture into the milk in a glass jar. The milk will start to cur­dle. 3 / Re­frig­er­ate and leave un­touched for 12 hours, then strain the mix­ture through a chi­nois (fine strainer) lined with cheese­cloth. Strain again through a cof­fee fil­ter to catch any last par­ti­cles. 4 / Stir the clar­i­fied bit­ters, rye, de­mer­ara syrup, and salt with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over a large cube. Cut a small round of lemon peel with a sharp par­ing knife for a gar­nish.

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