Popular Mechanics (South Africa) - - Contents - MIGUEL LAN­CHA Barmini, Wash­ing­ton. D.C. *

BOT­TOM VES­SEL 50 ml Koch Tepex­tate mescal (or any good un­aged mescal) 15 ml Ap­ple­ton Rare Blend 12-year rum (or any other good aged rum, prefer­ably from Ja­maica) 15 ml gin­ger syrup* 2 dashes Fee Broth­ers bar­rel-aged bit­ters (or any other bar­rel-aged bit­ters) 25 ml wa­ter

UP­PER VES­SEL 2 Tbsp dry chai tea 2 Tbsp chopped fresh gin­ger 1 whole lemon peel 3 marigold flow­ers

OP­TIONAL TOP­PING ¾ cup cream ¾ cup evap­o­rated milk ½ cup con­densed milk 2 Tbsp dark rum pinch salt lemon peel

GIN­GER SYRUP 1 cup wa­ter 1 cup white sugar 5 cm piece peeled gin­ger

1 / To make the gin­ger syrup, com­bine one part wa­ter with one part sugar over medium heat and stir un­til the sugar dis­solves. Let cool. Peel and chop the gin­ger, and blend it with the sim­ple syrup in a blender. Strain out the gin­ger pieces and keep the liq­uid in the re­frig­er­a­tor. 2 / Com­bine the mescal, rum, syrup, bit­ters and wa­ter in the bot­tom ves­sel of a cof­fee siphon. 3 / Add the dry chai tea, gin­ger, lemon peel and flow­ers to the up­per ves­sel of the siphon. 4 / Light the fire and let boil for 2 ½ min­utes. Re­move heat to bring the liq­uid back down. Pour into a mug and gar­nish with lemon peel. 5 / While the drink cools, com­bine the cream, evap­o­rated milk, con­densed milk, rum, and salt. Shake hard for 7 sec­onds, then heat in the mi­crowave for 25 sec­onds. Serve 60 to 75 ml on the side, like you would cream for tea.

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