Brave hero fights off gran’s rob­bers

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MO­MENTS af­ter a Phoenix grand­mother of six screamed out for Je­sus to save her from the grip of a knife-wield­ing rob­ber, her good Sa­mar­i­tan neigh­bour bravely fought off the sus­pects.

The 47-year-old busi­ness­man, who de­clined to be named, sus­tained mi­nor in­juries af­ter one of the men lunged at him with a knife and his ac­com­plice grabbed him from be­hind.

Dur­ing the scuf­fle that broke out, the fa­ther of three man­aged to draw his firearm and shoot one of the sus­pects.

“It was my duty to help,” said the neigh­bour, of Quail­palm Road.

“I was only do­ing what a neigh­bour would do. We live in a com­mu­nity where crime is surg­ing and we need to be more vig­i­lant. Neigh­bours need to stand to­gether.”

Speak­ing about the in­ci­dent, he said: “I heard her scream and thought some­thing had hap­pened to her hus­band, who had a heart con­di­tion. I walked out of my home and ap­proached her drive­way gate, which was un­locked and open.

“While walk­ing up the drive­way, I saw a man emerge from the house with a knife held against my neigh­bour’s neck. When he spot­ted me, he came charg­ing to­wards me and tried to stab me.

“All I re­mem­ber is pulling out my gun as an­other man grabbed me from be­hind. I fired a shot and it struck one of them be­fore they ran out of the yard.”

The trau­ma­tised 65-year-old home­owner, who did not want to be named, said she was out­side when she saw two men at her gate. “When I asked them what they wanted, they just opened the gate and ran to­wards me. I started scream­ing for Je­sus to save me.”

One of the men placed a knife at her throat and be­gan push­ing her to­wards her home.

His ac­com­plice, she said, headed for her ten­ant’s house. Who also es­caped in­jury.

“The one that had me kept say­ing ‘I want the money’ while rum­mag­ing through the draw­ers in the lounge. I told him I did not have money, only jew­ellery, and that he could take it. But he only wanted money.”

She was forced to move from room to room.

“While at the front door, I saw my neigh­bour in the yard and that’s when they tried to at­tack him.”

The woman said she was grate­ful that he put his life on the line to save her.

“He did not know the sit­u­a­tion but came to my res­cue.”

A case of house rob­bery is be­ing in­ves­ti­gated.


The brave man who came to the res­cue of a neigh­bour af­ter hear­ing screams for help.

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