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THIS is re­sponse to J Smith’s let­ter, “Per­fect re­li­gion poser” ( POST, Novem­ber 8-16).

Firstly, no hu­man wrote the Qur’an. It was re­vealed by the Almighty to our Beloved Prophet Muham­mad (PBUH).

Jo­han should per­haps read an English ver­sion of the Qur’an and see for him­self all the sci­en­tific proof to life and re­lated top­ics were re­vealed in the Qur’an over 1 400 years ago and only found out now by hu­mans.

There are a lot of things that hu­mans mirac­u­lously find in to­day’s times and call it a sci­en­tific break­through, yet it’s al­ready in the Qur’an.

Back then, no hu­man could pos­si­bly write con­tent such as what’s in there.

It’s be­yond what we can cre­ate.

Be­lieve in the Almighty. Whether you call it God, Al­lah, what­ever, just keep the faith.

Don’t make state­ments im­pos­ing your be­liefs upon oth­ers. I per­son­ally dis­like peo­ple like that.

Let oth­ers be. You are en­ti­tled to your be­liefs, so is ev­ery­body else.

“Never think that you are bet­ter than oth­ers, for Dust you are, and unto Dust you shall re­turn”. – Ge­n­e­sis (3:19)

It’s al­ways good to learn from other peo­ple about their re­li­gion. It makes you a more tol­er­ant and hum­ble per­son.

SADHIA Dur­ban

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