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In an at­tempt to en­sure ac­cu­racy, we se­cured prices through six dif­fer­ent tyre fran­chises and to sim­plify mat­ters we took an av­er­age and then rounded off the amounts. Ac­cord­ing to this method the GT Ra­di­als are the least ex­pen­sive, closely fol­lowed by Ve­loc­ity, Nexen, Fire­stone, and Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 M, but, keep­ing in mind its per­for­mance and price (at around R2,800 per tyre) the Dunlop AT3 G is a bar­gain for those want­ing a three-ply tyre…

Two of the top con­tenders, the Gen­eral Grab­bers and Bridge­stone Duel­ers, were avail­able for less than R10k per set, with the Goodyears and Con­ti­nen­tal quite af­ford­able at just above R10k – more than jus­ti­fy­ing price vs. per­for­mance … It is also clear that the Fire­stone Ad­ven­ture AT (in eight po­si­tion over­all and fourth in terms of pric­ing) and the Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 M (sixth over­all and fifth in terms of pric­ing) are the bud­get bar­gains in our shootout.


In our tests the no­tion that a more ag­gres­sive tread pat­tern will do bet­ter off-road did not nec­es­sar­ily ring true, as it con­firmed that a smoother tread could be ad­van­ta­geous, es­pe­cially in sandy con­di­tions. How­ever, it did con­firm that pres­sures are of ut­most im­por­tance. Some tyres may have per­formed bet­ter with lower pres­sures. (How­ever, keep in mind the other tyres could sim­i­larly have per­formed bet­ter …)

It is there­fore im­per­a­tive that you make very sure for what purpose you are ac­quir­ing a spe­cific tyre. If you need to reg­u­larly lug heavy loads over long dis­tances, also off-road, rather choose a more ro­bust tyre with a high load rat­ing (120 R or S), but if you are go­ing to use your ve­hi­cle mostly on-road, and only want to trans­port light loads, rather opt for a less rugged pat­tern. But you can­not go wrong with any of our top six – be it the Grab­bers, the Wran­gler Ad­ven­tures, the Con­ti­cross­con­tacts, the Duel­ers, the Miche­lins, or the Dun­lops.

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