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Most of us think that a wart­hog is a wart­hog and a ze­bra is a ze­bra. No­thing could be furt­her from the truth. Al­most all the A­fri­can ga­me s­pe­cies are re­pre­sen­ted by a num­ber of sub­spe­cies.

S­te­phan J. Car­ton-Bar­ber’s book, A­fri­can Ga­me S­pe­cies and Sub­spe­cies is a won­der­ful work, high­lig­hting the lar­ge num­ber of sub­spe­cies of A­fri­can ga­me a­ni­mals. So­me 20 y­e­ars or so ago S­te­phan was look­ing for a book on A­fri­can sub­spe­cies but could not find one be­cau­se such a book did not ex­ist at the ti­me. Being a ga­me far­mer and tho­roughly in­te­rested in all ga­me a­ni­mals and the ways of the wild, he de­ci­ded to sol­ve that pro­blem. The re­sult is this beau­ti­ful book of al­most 470 pa­ges in which the dif­fe­rent a­ni­mal s­pe­cies are ri­chly des­cri­bed and il­lus­tra­ted with mag­ni­fi­cent full-co­lour pic­tu­res.

This is tru­ly one of the most in­for­ma­ti­ve books on A­fri­can wild­li­fe. It has 63 chap­ters. Chap­ters one to three co­ver the in­tro­ducti­on, taxo­nomy and the dis­tri­bu­ti­on of ga­me. In chap­ters four to 63 the a­ni­mals are dis­cus­sed, with so­me chap­ters co­ve­ring mo­re than one s­pe­cies.

S­te­phan de­di­ca­ted this book to his la­te son De­vlin who was mur­de­red at age 27.

SA JAGTER/HUNTER highly re­com­mends this won­der­ful book. It is a must ha­ve for all tho­se who lo­ve and ad­mi­re A­fri­can ga­me a­ni­mals. * A­fri­can Ga­me, S­pe­cies and Sub­spe­cies is a­vai­la­ble from most le­a­ding book­s­hops and sell for R1 295. Or you can or­der a copy by wri­ting to in­fo@sub-spe­cie­foun­da­ti­on.org

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