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Ga­laxy Brands is a proud­ly South A­fri­can com­pa­ny that mar­kets a va­ri­e­ty of u­ni­que brands and as­so­ci­a­ted pro­ducts, one of which is a “plas­tic” bak­kie/ trai­ler bag cal­led the Trail-O-Zip or Cab-O-Zip (TOZ for short).

TOZ bags are lig­ht­weig­ht, very strong, fit­ted with hand­les and will pro­tect va­ri­ous goods a­gainst the harsh A­fri­can cli­ma­te (sun, wind, rain, as well as dust and e­ven hail). The bags we­re o­ri­gi­nal­ly de­ve­lo­ped to ser­ve as mul­ti-pur­po­se hun­ting/ me­at trans­port bags and ha­ve a va­ri­e­ty of spe­ci­al fe­a­tu­res. T­hey are lig­ht, e­a­sy to car­ry, strong and du­ra­ble. The bags are al­so af­for­da­ble, wa­ter re­sis­tant, dus­t­p­roof, hy­gie­nic and e­a­sy to cle­an. TOZs are pro­vi­ded with he­a­vy-du­ty zips and al­so ha­ve a mo­de­ra­te in­su­la­ti­on ef­fect – t­hey will keep me­at cool du­ring short jour­neys. The­se han­dy bags can e­ven be u­sed as field stret­chers in dif­fi­cult ter­rain (tes­ted with car­cas­ses of up to 100kg) to car­ry and re­co­ver ga­me.

If not u­sed to trans­port your me­at back ho­me dust-free, a TOZ can al­so be u­sed to pro­tect ot­her trans­por­ta­ble va­lu­a­bles such as clo­thing, food­stuff and ge­ne­ral per­so­nal i­tems.

The­re are two op­ti­ons a­vai­la­ble in the TOZ ran­ge; the TOZ 1, which is a lar­ge bag that is de­sig­ned to fit in­to the lo­ad bin of a sin­gle-cab bak­kie or a six feet and big­ger trai­ler (si­ze: 2 200 x 1 200 x 1 000mm) and the TOZ 2, a me­di­um-si­ze bag that fits in­to the bin of a dou­ble-cab bak­kie or six feet and smal­ler trai­ler (si­ze: 500 x 1 200 x 800mm).

The TOZ bags are ex­clu­si­ve­ly ma­nu­fac­tu­red by Co­ver­gard (Pty) Ltd in South A­fri­ca. Co­ver­gard has been a­round sin­ce 1994 and is re­cog­ni­sed as a le­a­ding ma­nu­fac­tu­rer of wa­ter­p­roof pro­tecti­ve bags and co­vers. Their pro­ducts are stoc­ked by va­ri­ous re­no­w­ned re­tailers throug­hout the coun­try. TOZ bags are ma­de from the hig­hest qua­li­ty HDPE ma­te­ri­al and are qua­li­ty tes­ted and chec­ked.

The TOZ bags are cur­rent­ly not a­vai­la­ble in SA sto­res and can on­ly be pur­cha­sed on-li­ne! To or­der your TOZ bag to­day at the spe­ci­al pro­mo­ti­o­nal pri­ce of R995 for the TOZ 1 or R895 for the TOZ 2, VAT and free de­li­very in­clu­si­ve a­ny­w­he­re in South A­fri­ca, use the fol­lo­wing e-mail: sa­les@co­ver­ to pla­ce your or­der. Use the REP CODE: GB0 fol­lo­wed by the op­ti­on TOZ(1) or TOZ(2). (I.E. GB0-TOZ(1).

Koos Bar­nard, e­di­tor of SA JAGTER/HUNTER, u­sed the TOZ bags on a num­ber of hun­ting trips and he­re are his com­ments: “I ha­ve u­sed the TOZ bags on three hun­ting trips and two ro­ad trips, du­ring which ti­me I ha­ve tra­vel­led on dirt ro­ads for a­bout 300km. On rou­te to my hun­ting des­ti­na­ti­ons I put all of our bags, in­clu­ding ca­me­ra bags and gro­ce­ries in­si­de a TOZ and all our stuff ar­ri­ved dust-free at our va­ri­ous des­ti­na­ti­ons.

“To lo­ad car­cas­ses we sim­ply took the TOZ rig­ht in­to the cold room, o­pe­ned it, pac­ked in the me­at, zip­ped it up and car­ried the lo­ad to my bak­kie by u­sing the hand­les.

“On our re­turn trips we trans­por­ted the car­cas­ses of ny­a­la, im­pa­la and wart­hog in the TOZ 2 and had no wor­ries a­bout dust get­ting to our me­at. Upon our ar­ri­val we re­mo­ved the car­cas­ses, and sim­ply ho­sed do­wn the TOZ to get rid of a few drops of b­lood.

“This lig­ht­weig­ht bag is now a con­stant com­pa­ni­on w­he­ne­ver my wi­fe and I do a ro­ad trip. With our bags and ot­her va­lu­a­bles zip­ped up in­si­de, the TOZ al­so of­fers a bit mo­re se­cu­ri­ty by hi­ding w­ha­te­ver we ha­ve in the back of our bak­kie. I am sold on the TOZ and re­com­mend it to all who tra­vel re­gu­lar­ly.” * For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on Ga­laxy Brand pro­ducts, vi­sit www. ga­laxy­

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