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C­li­ve Ait­chi­son of Maan­haar­rand ne­ar Rus­ten­burg is the lucky draw win­ner of a com­pe­ti­ti­on ran by SA Hun­ters to rai­se funds for the as­so­ci­a­ti­on’s court ca­se a­gainst the Mi­nis­ter of Po­li­ce.

C­li­ve, who is not a mem­ber of SA Hun­ters, won a hun­ting rifle (Ho­wa .308 Win or 6.5 C­reed­moor); a Del­ta rifle bag; an Al­lan rifle strap; and a Leu­pold VX-3i 6.5-20x40 te­les­co­pe spon­so­red by Sons of Guns, a fi­re­arms de­a­ler in Pa­rys.

He al­so won two pac­kets of Ti­tan bul­lets, the de­ve­lop­ment of suit­a­ble lo­ads for the­se bul­lets for the rifle of his choi­ce and an im­pa­la hunt, spon­so­red by Hel­ber Sa­fa­ris. The es­ti­ma­ted com­bi­ned va­lue of this pri­ze is R30 000. Not a bad re­turn for the R50 en­try fee C­li­ve paid (which g­oes to­wards the Le­gal Aid Fund of SA Hun­ters).

The SA Hun­ters As­so­ci­a­ti­on has been in­vol­ved in court acti­on a­gainst the Mi­nis­ter of Po­li­ce sin­ce 2016, re­gar­ding the re­li­cen­sing of fi­re­arms and ot­her mat­ters re­la­ted to the Fi­re­arms Con­t­rol Act. The le­gal fees in this ca­se are high and the com­pe­ti­ti­on was laun­ched as a fun­drai­sing ef­fort to co­ver so­me of the cos­ts.

SA Hun­ters would li­ke to thank its mem­bers, mem­bers of ot­her as­so­ci­a­ti­ons, and the ge­ne­ral pu­blic who boug­ht tic­kets in sup­port of the as­so­ci­a­ti­on’s le­gal fund. A si­mi­lar com­pe­ti­ti­on mig­ht be of­fe­red a­gain la­ter this y­e­ar.

From left to rig­ht: Ber­nard Clas­sen of Hel­ber, spon­sor of the Ti­tan bul­lets and the im­pa­la hunt; C­li­ve Ait­chi­son, win­ner of the com­pe­ti­ti­on; and Jan Lub­be o­w­ner of Sons of Guns, spon­sor of the rifle, sco­pe and ot­her acces­so­ries.

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