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DRAKE, Drake, Drake, you sadis­tic lit­tle me­so­morph. Are you try­ing to kill us, guy? Only an om­nipres­ence this drunk on his own blood, sweat and tears could sum­mon the hubris to stuff a pil­low­case with 81 min­utes of ta­ble scraps, smother our faces with it and call it More Life.

The high­est-sell­ing pop star of last year is also call­ing his hal­falive, en­tirely over­long new al­bum a “playlist” – as if to sug­gest that it should be weighted dif­fer­ently in the of­fi­cial Drake canon. What mat­ters more is how More Life will be mea­sured on the plat­forms that be­gan stream­ing it last week.

As stream­ing be­comes our dom­i­nant mode of lis­ten­ing, Bill­board has be­gun mea­sur­ing suc­cess song by song, stream by stream. In turn, pop al­bums are ex­pand­ing. The more tracks an al­bum con­tains, the more coin it can gen­er­ate, the bet­ter the al­bum can per­form on the charts. As the con­tainer changes shape, so does the stuff that goes inside. And not nec­es­sar­ily for the bet­ter.

Check out the Weeknd’s lat­est, Star­boy, an 18-track al­bum that feels not just long, but te­dious. Like More Life, it as­pires to cool uni­for­mity, pre­sum­ably in the hope that brain-chilled stream­ers won’t hear any weird noises and de­cide

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