VBS loot­ing has ex­posed politi­cians for all to see their self­ish­ness, greed

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The VBS loot­ing has proved be­yond any rea­son­able doubt that politi­cians don’t care about peo­ple they claim to rep­re­sent. Their loy­alty firmly lies with them­selves and their com­rades.

Hav­ing fol­lowed ar­gu­ments and counter-ar­gu­ments with re­gards to what re­ally hap­pened at that bank, it’s clear that ordinary peo­ple who bank there are an af­ter-thought.

EFF peo­ple are hell­bent on de­fend­ing fel­low mem­bers and ANC peo­ple only care about their com­rades.

Even those who are scream­ing that VBS shouldn’t be closed down are not coming with so­lu­tions as to how it should func­tion go­ing for­ward.

I’m 100% for the con­tin­u­a­tion of the bank but we need to re­con­fig­ure it in such a way it is not looted in the fu­ture.

The con­duct of politi­cians has left so much to be de­sired. They be­have like peo­ple who be­lieve in witch­craft.

They view ev­ery­one who’s not close party com­rade as hav­ing bad in­ten­tions to­wards them.

Ordinary peo­ple who bank there have sud­denly be­come face­less and they’re fac­ing a bleak fes­tive sea­son while politi­cians are busy ar­gu­ing among them­selves. I’m be­com­ing con­vinced that politi­cians don’t care about so­lu­tions to our na­tional prob­lems. They’ve be­come that prob­lem­atic fam­ily mem­ber we’re never sure whether to in­vite when we dis­cuss fam­ily mat­ters.

Richard­son Mzaidume Pimville

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