NSRI as­sist at me­di­cal e­mer­gen­cy in Wit­sand

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WIT­SAND The lo­cal NSRI as­sis­ted at a me­di­cal e­mer­gen­cy at a buil­ding si­te.

T­heo Eras­mus (S­ta­ti­on Com­man­der) said that on Mon­day 17 Ju­ly at ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 13:00 the Wit­sand Port Beau­ford crew we­re acti­va­ted, fol­lo­wing re­ports of a 54-y­e­ar-old ma­le that col­lap­sed at the B­ree­de­zicht e­sta­te. “On our ar­ri­val on the sce­ne, the lo­cal man was found to be un­re­spon­si­ve. Our me­di­cs com­men­ced e­mer­gen­cy me­di­cal tre­at­ment and EMS was acti­va­ted.

“On the ar­ri­val of the am­bu­lan­ce, the pa­tient was ta­ken in­to the ca­re of EMS pa­ra­me­di­cs, as­sis­ted by NSRI me­di­cs.”

On­ce sta­bi­li­zed the pa­tient was trans­por­ted to the hos­pi­tal for furt­her tre­at­ment.

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