Mo­re vehi­cles re­cal­led by Ford cor­rect is­su­es

The com­pa­ny said it is pro­acti­ve­ly re­cal­ling the vehi­cles to cor­rect the is­sue.

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SOUTH CA­PE Ford has an­noun­ced that it is vo­lun­ta­ri­ly re­cal­ling I­kon mo­dels built be­t­ween Au­gust 2004 and March 2012 and Fi­go vehi­cles built be­t­ween Ja­nu­a­ry 2009 and March 2012 to re­pla­ce high pres­su­re po­wer as­sis­ted s­teer­ing ho­ses, which may split, re­sulting in a po­wer s­teer­ing fluid le­ak.

The vehi­cles we­re built in In­dia. “A po­wer s­teer­ing fluid le­ak could re­sult in fu­mes being e­mit­ted from the en­gi­ne com­part­ment. It may al­so be pos­si­ble for po­wer s­teer­ing fluid to co­me in­to con­tact with the vehi­cle’s exhaust sy­stem com­po­nents, c­re­a­ting the po­ten­ti­al for smo­ke and, in ex­tre­me ca­ses, fi­re,” ac­cor­ding to the sta­te­ment from Ford.

The com­pa­ny said it is pro­acti­ve­ly re­cal­ling the vehi­cles to cor­rect the is­sue. Cu­sto­mers will be con­tacted to ad­vi­se them of the re­call and cor­recti­ve acti­on. The ma­nu­fac­tu­rer al­so says it re­mains com­mit­ted to de­li­ve­ring wor­l­d­class vehi­cles to cu­sto­mers as in­di­ca­ted by the vo­lun­ta­ry sa­fe­ty re­call. Cu­sto­mers with any con­cerns or que­ries are en­coura­ged to con­tact their ne­a­rest de­a­ler or the Ford Cu­sto­mer Ser­vi­ce li­ne on 0860 011 022 or by e-mail to

Me­dia re­ports cal­cu­la­ted that 15 600 pe­trol-en­gi­ne Fi­gos and I­kons sold in South A­fri­ca we­re af­fected and re­cei­ved e-mails last week ad­vi­sing them to con­tact their Ford de­a­lers­hips. Die­sel mo­dels are not af­fected. Glo­bal­ly, 16 of the af­fected vehi­cles had caug­ht fi­re, a Ford spo­kes­man said. No­ne of the­se we­re in South A­fri­ca as far as the com­pa­ny was a­wa­re. Ford con­fir­med the­re will be no char­ge for the re­pla­ce­ment ho­se and la­bour cos­ts. The pro­cess should ta­ke less than a day‚ but could ta­ke lon­ger de­pen­ding on ser­vi­ce sche­du­ling.

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