Sil­ver Moun­tain Mu­sic Festival

Suid-Kaap FORUM - - Voorblad - San-Ma­rié Cron­jé

SOUTH CA­PE South Ca­pe Forum had the pri­vi­le­ge to be the me­dia spon­sor for the thi­rd an­nu­al Sil­ver Moun­tain Mu­sic Festival. It was an ex­pe­rien­ce of a li­fe­ti­me for mu­sic fa­na­ti­cs, art- and a­ni­mal lo­vers as well for tho­se who are par­ti­cu­lar­ly ent­hu­si­as­tic a­bout na­tu­re. The festival took pla­ce be­t­ween Hei­del­berg and Swellendam in the O­ver­berg re­gi­on, from T­hurs­day 14 Ju­ne to Sun­day 17 Ju­ne. It is a u­ni­que festival w­he­re na­tu­re, mu­sic and cul­tu­re co­me to­get­her. Alt­hough the e­vents took pla­ce at dif­fe­rent ve­nues, no one had to wor­ry a­bout di­recti­ons, ti­me ma­na­ge­ment or w­hat is hap­pe­ning next. A re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve was with the group at all ti­mes. Af­ter one e­vent the group would fol­low one vehi­cle in a con­voy to the next e­vent, ma­king it stress f­ree. The­re we­re no dull mo­ments with a jam-pac­ked pro­gram. Mu­si­ci­ans of e­very mu­sic con­cert had the au­dien­ce on their feet. The li­ne-up in­clu­ded Ri­chard Cock, pi­a­nist Su­lay­man Hu­man, so­pra­no Ma­sa­ba­ne Ce­ci­lia Rang­wa­nasha, The C­harl du P­les­sis T­rio, ba­ri­to­ne Tim Mo­loi and So­pra­no Lau­ren Da­s­ap­pa. So­me u­ni­que f­riends of the fo­rest that can on­ly be found in the Groot­va­ders­bosch fo­re­sts, we­re in­tro­du­ced by Alou­i­se Lynch from Bi­o­nerds. Tho­se who took part in the fo­rest walk we­re pri­vi­le­ged to see the Sout­hern G­host frog as well as the Groot­va­ders­bosch D­warf C­ha­me­le­on. The G­host frog is very hard to find, hen­ce the na­me. Du­ring the Re­nos­ter­veld walk, Keir Lynch found a very in­te­res­ting look­ing grass li­zard. Do not miss next y­e­ars festival w­he­re you will get food for your soul and ex­pe­rien­ce na­tu­re in a dif­fe­rent way.

Ni­co S­teyn of­fe­ring e­ver­yo­ne so­me freshly ba­ked cook­ies at the mill.

Jan­nie Groe­ne­wald from the O­ver­berg Re­nos­ter­veld Con­ser­va­ti­on Trust te­am shared his kno­w­led­ge of the Re­nos­ter­veld and lo­w­land fyn­bos.

Alou­i­se Lynch holds the Groot­va­ders­bosch D­warf C­ha­me­le­on.

Su­lay­man Hu­man and Ma­sa­ba­ne Ce­ci­lia Rang­wa­nasha.

E­co­lo­gist, Prof Coert Gel­den­huys shared his im­men­se kno­w­led­ge on the Groot­va­ders­bosch Con­ser­van­cy fo­re­sts. P­ho­to’s: San-Ma­rié Cron­jé

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