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DEAR SISI: I broke up with my girl­friend be­cause she was tired of my cheat­ing. I ad­mit that I cheated on her be­cause she had turned into a psy­cho and be­came very in­se­cure. She would stalk me on so­cial me­dia and pre­tend to be some­one else and curse me. She even ac­cused me of dat­ing friends that I of­ten com­mu­ni­cate with on­line.

We have a son to­gether whom I love with all my heart. Now that I have moved on with my life she is black­mail­ing me not al­low­ing me to see my son. What can I do? SISI SAYS: It sounds like there are a lot of un­re­solved is­sues be­tween you two. In or­der to open a new door, you need to close the one be­hind you. You have a child with this woman so she is go­ing to be tied to you for the rest of your life. Rather set ground rules now so that you can har­mo­niously par­ent to­gether. There is noth­ing worse than a child be­ing pun­ished for the mis­takes of their par­ents. You both need to re­solve this, in­volve a neu­tral per­son to help you draw a visi­ta­tion sched­ule for you to see your son. Thrash out the past and apol­o­gise for any wrong­do­ing. Only when you both get over the ob­ses­sion to hurt each other, then you can put your son first. If she is still un­rea­son­able, I ad­vise you to seek le­gal help. DEAR SISI: I think my man is hav­ing an af­fair with his father’s sis­ter. She is in her 30s and very beau­ti­ful. When I visit she is all over him like a bad rash. That is not nor­mal. He al­ways de­fends her and says I must leave her alone. She needs to find her own man and leave mine alone. What should I do Sisi? SISI SAYS: You need to leave this man if he is in­deed see­ing his aunt. That is in­ces­tu­ous and you don’t want a man who does not re­spect fam­ily bound­aries. Make sure you are not jump­ing to con­clu­sions though. DEAR SISI: My boss has been openly flirt­ing with me at work and now it’s hurt­ing my rep­u­ta­tion. He walks past my desk and mum­bles some­thing about how sexy I look. All my col­leagues look at me for my re­sponse. I nor­mally go red in the face. I don’t want to be fired so I have not said any­thing to HR. Re­cently I heard some­one say that they had seen me out­side the of­fice with him. It is not true. This is how a bad rep­u­ta­tion starts. What should I do? SISI SAYS: You should re­port him to HR im­me­di­ately. Check if there are cam­eras in the of­fice and ask them to pull footage as ev­i­dence. It is not fair on you that he is a pig. Maybe you should con­sider chang­ing jobs too. But what­ever you do, make sure you take the le­gal route, he might deny ev­ery­thing. It’s good to have ev­i­dence.

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