Read­ers ex­press their views on EFF at­tempt to re­move Trol­lip as NMB’s mayor

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TALK of the Town asked its Face­book read­ers their thoughts about the im­pact of the EFF’s ef­fort to re­move Athol Trol­lip as Nel­son Man­dela Bay mayor.

Peo­ple were of dif­fer­ent views, with sev­eral point­ing to a racial mo­ti­va­tion.

Garth Roux stated it plainly: “[Julius] Malema him­self said, ‘be­cause he is white’.”

Clif­ford Macken­zie claimed that ANC of­fi­cials pri­ori­tise them­selves over vot­ers, whereas the DA, un­der the lead­er­ship of Trol­lip, had been gov­ern­ing well.

“If the ANC get back in they will carry on en­rich­ing them­selves in­stead of their vot­ers. Athol Trol­lip has been work­ing won­ders in our city.

‘This will all be lost if these power-hun­gry politi­cians with no clue of good gov­er­nance get back in,” he said.

Thabisile Mg­wali’s ques­tion im­plied that he is not of the view that Trol­lip is do­ing won­ders for the city. “Work­ing won­ders where?” he asked.

He said the rea­son the EFF wanted to re­move Trol­lip as NMB mayor was be­cause Malema wants Trol­lip to be firm on the land ex­pro­pri­a­tion mat­ter.

“Be­cause he is not – the EFF is there­fore not con­fi­dent in him” he said.

Macken­zie re­sponded: “Trol­lip is firm, the DA is not against ex­pro­pri­a­tion of land, but it is against ex­pro­pri­a­tion with­out com­pen­sa­tion and so is the rest of the civilised world. It's an of­fence to just take land. How would you feel if some­one walked onto your prop­erty [whether you own it or not] and told you to get out be­cause they want it?”

Mg­wali’s re­tort was: “There is noth­ing civilised about how land was ob­tained in South Africa.”

Nor­man Jose­phy said if Trol­lip was re­moved there would be “re­gres­sion to non-ex­is­tent lev­els of delivery”.

Bev­erly Young said: “Eth­nic­ity aside, Malema is a so­cio­pathic-nar­cis­sist – with one aim and that is to cre­ate havoc. There is noth­ing re­motely ad­mirable about him, and when his syco­phants wake up one day, they will be yet home­less and starv­ing. He has fo­cused his spit­tle at NMB as it has a white mayor and has proved that there can be well run cities. If 'colour' was the only cri­te­ria, and a per­son of colour ar­rived on the scene, able to con­tinue the amaz­ing re­sults Trol­lip has achieved – we would all cheer.”

Fraser Cham­bers said: “I dis­agree some­what in the Malema is­sue . . . I think he is rather smart. He is shout­ing from the roof tops and mak­ing a noise over a touchy sub­ject that has been around since the ’90s, I think he is do­ing it to gain more sup­port.

“How­ever, has any­one no­ticed that he is act­ing the same way he did when a mem­ber of the ANC? I think the ru­mours that were go­ing about a few years back about his dis­missal from the ANC are a front, are true.”

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