Mother Earth is show­ing dis­plea­sure

The Citizen (Gauteng) - - LETTERS -

Our Mother Earth is an­gry, show­ing her dis­plea­sure, by un­leash­ing tidal waves of de­struc­tion across the globe.

We have used and abused her, we have tar­nished her good­ness, by cre­at­ing blem­ishes on her body, spew­ing filth into the pure air that she gave us to breathe.

We have used the sea that she gave us, and turned it into a toi­let bowl by al­low­ing filthy de­bris, which is killing won­der­ful sea crea­tures which she cre­ated.

Hu­mans have taken ad­van­tage of her kind­ness, and now it’s pay­back as she un­leashes her anger in ways hu­man­ity can­not com­pre­hend.

Floods, fires, de­stroy­ing all in site, as she now de­mands the re­spect for all she has given us.

These are warn­ings ... re­form, or die! Peter Bachtis

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