Fes­ti­val fash­ion no-no’s

You need to be com­fort­able walk­ing and not have to take it all off for the loo. BODY SUITS, JUMP SUITS, HIGH HEELS, COW­BOY BOOTS AND FLIP FLOPS

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Oc­to­ber in South Africa has be­come the fes­ti­val sea­son. From Rock­ing the Daisies in the Western Cape to Spring Fi­esta in Ekurhu­leni, they can be tricky to dress for.

You want to look su­per stylish, but at the same time, be com­fort­able and be able to have a great time in what­ever you’re wear­ing. The best fash­ion ad­vice would be to avoid fes­ti­val fash­ion. HERE ARE THE FIVE FASH­ION TRENDS PEO­PLE THINK ARE KEY FES­TI­VAL PIECES, BUT SHOULD AC­TU­ALLY AL­WAYS BE AVOIDED:

1. Body suits

Yes, body suits are in trend right now and although they look great paired up with a denim skirt, you will need to use the bath­room at a fes­ti­val and one thing that is in­evitable is long bath­room queues. Wait­ing in a long line to go to the bath­room can make you panic, but what’s worse is hav­ing to take off all your clothes just to empty your blad­der. You might just wet your­self while un­dress­ing.

2. Jump­suits

Don’t get me wrong, jump­suits are amaz­ing, they are very com­fort­able and stylish at the same time. But you have to take the whole thing off ev­ery time you use the bath­room. Which could be one too many times, de­pend­ing on how much liq­uid you are con­sum­ing. 3. Flip flops Although they are com­fort­able and con­ve­nient for the beach, a strip of plas­tic in be­tween your toes is un­for­tu­nately not strong enough for a fes­ti­val. Some­one might step on you, re­sult­ing to one, or both of your shoes snap­ping. Not cool.

4. High heels

High heels are a def­i­nite no-no for a fes­ti­val. You might have seen the Jen­ners rock­ing heels at Coachella and thought it would be a good idea to wear them. Don’t! You walk around a lot at fes­ti­vals, look­ing for food stalls, drinks and friends who ran­domly dis­ap­pear while you’re danc­ing. You want to be as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble and af­ter a few hours of walk­ing in heels, com­fort be­comes a myth. You don’t want to be that per­son who is car­ry­ing their shoes and walk­ing bare­foot be­cause they can’t take it any­more.

5. Cow­boy boots

Oc­to­ber is spring sea­son and cow­boy boots are hot and heavy. Those two rea­sons alone should put you off wear­ing them. Not to men­tion that they are so out of fash­ion – well, at least in South Africa. Lastly, please don’t be bor­ing. A long face is the worst thing you can bring to a fes­ti­val. Not only do you dampen ev­ery­one’s mood, it’s just not nice see­ing mis­er­able peo­ple at spa­ces cre­ated for fun.

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