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“PUB­LIC must save, but wa­ter flows from leak” (De­cem­ber 5): Wes­ter­ing wa­ter wastage has been a long-stand­ing thing and all around Fourie Street. Is it a seem­ingly fo­cal point of all the blast­ing that has hap­pened in the past down in the quarry?


CAS Pil­lay (“Replies to com­ments”, De­cem­ber 6), you are miss­ing the point when you sug­gest the bucket sys­tem is an ANC prob­lem. Read his­tory.

READER SANDY, sorry you feel mis­un­der­stood (“Replies to com­ments”, De­cem­ber 6). You asked if only Africans stayed in power past nor­mal re­tire­ment age. Hence four lead­ers way past “nor­mal” re­tire­ment age, who are not Africans, were named.

You are right, no one likes a dic­ta­tor (ab­so­lute ruler, ac­cord­ing to the Ox­ford

Dic­tio­nary). A leader who is a law unto him­self and makes up the rules as he goes along be­cause he isn’t quite sure how the sys­tem ac­tu­ally works! Is pre­ten­tious, tells lies, gropes women and brags about it, dis­crim­i­nates against colour and creed. Favours fam­ily for jobs and de­nies cli­mate change!

It is good to know that you don’t like “bad” peo­ple whether they are black white or pink. But what about or­ange? PS You may not learn any­thing by watch­ing Bill Ma­her’s Gen­er­a­tion Ass, but you may en­joy a good laugh.


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