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WHY does your ve­hi­cle need proof of road­wor­thi­ness apart from the ob­vi­ous as­pects like worn tyres and fail­ing brakes be­ing a safety hazard?

The gov­ern­ment web­site (www.gov.za) in­di­cates that you have to have your ve­hi­cle un­dergo a road­wor­thy test be­fore it is reg­is­tered in your name. In ad­di­tion:

If your ve­hi­cle is used for pub­lic trans­port or is a heavy-load ve­hi­cle it must be tested ev­ery year – but an im­por­tant note to bus own­ers – buses must be tested ev­ery six months.

It is the owner’s re­spon­si­bil­ity to have the ve­hi­cle tested – so no pass­ing the buck! Such tests can be done at a pri­vate or a pub­lic ve­hi­cle test­ing sta­tion.

Upon com­ple­tion, if your ve­hi­cle passes the test, a no­tice is is­sued. – Rep reporter


READY TO SERVE: In front of the Queen­stown Pri­vate Test­ing Sta­tion offices are, from left, staff mem­bers Pa­pama Booi, Luvo Mac­ing­wane and Thabisa Songqwaba

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