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You must re­solve at the out­set of your birth­day year to con­duct your­self in a thor­oughly prac­ti­cal man­ner. You can re­alise your as­pi­ra­tions by keep­ing your wits about you and should not per­mit some ad­verse phases to de­feat your pur­poses.

ARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 21

Bal­ance your crit­i­cism with credit if you feel the need to tackle a com­pan­ion or as­so­ciate over a cer­tain point. The aim is to get your mes­sage across ef­fec­tively, and with­out mak­ing an en­emy in do­ing so, so avoid a su­pe­rior man­ner. (PHONE 083 9140 601) (SMS ARI to 34703)

TAURUS: Apr 21 – May 21

Be dou­bly cau­tious if you are han­dling cor­po­rate fi­nances. Deal­ing with other peo­ple’s money could be stress­ful. Prob­lems will arise and losses might oc­cur so you must be ex­tremely care­ful, get guar­an­tees and in­stall safe­guards. (PHONE 083 9140 602) (SMS TAU to 34703)

GEMINI: May 21 – Jun 22

Un­think­ing ac­tions could turn you into your own worst en­emy un­less you re­solve forth­with to jack up your pow­ers of logic and con­cen­tra­tion. You are urged to leave a fairly wide mar­gin for the un­ex­pected. A sud­den shock could jolt you. (PHONE 083 9140 603) (SMS GEM to 34703)

CAN­CER: Jun 22 – Jul 23

Ca­reer am­bi­tions and do­mes­tic con­sid­er­a­tions tend to clash, and you may reach a cross-roads in this re­spect in that you will have to make some hard choices. But re­sist the temp­ta­tion to spread your­self and your ac­tiv­i­ties too broadly. (PHONE 083 9140 604) (SMS CAN to 34703)

LEO: Jul 23 – Aug 24

Your sud­den and ex­treme self-in­ter­est could dam­age your clos­est as­so­ci­a­tions. You may later re­gret the con­se­quence if you now spurn the friend­ship and wel­fare of your reg­u­lar com­pan­ion or fa­mil­iar clique for self­ish con­sid­er­a­tions. (PHONE 083 9140 605) (SMS LEO to 34703)

VIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 23

Pre­vail­ing con­fu­sion in your per­sonal life must be cleared away if you in­tend putting your af­fairs in good or­der. Suc­cess is sel­dom at­tained with­out mak­ing a dili­gent ef­fort. Self-de­nial is also nec­es­sary, as you are about to find out. (PHONE 083 9140 606) (SMS VIR to 34703)

LIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 23

An­tic­i­pate a rough ride be­cause fate casts you yet again on a stony road. Drive your­self harder over this stretch be­cause what­ever is left un­fin­ished be­comes a se­vere hand­i­cap later on. Curb im­pul­sive­ness; it will pay to be me­thod­i­cal. (PHONE 083 9140 607) (SMS LIB to 34703)

SCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 23

A mat­ter of money bor­rowed and still owed could cause con­tention. The prob­lem might not be quickly sorted out. Al­ter­na­tively, dis­sen­sion may arise over the al­lot­ment of jointly held funds. Also a time when valu­able items are at risk. (PHONE 083 9140 608) (SMS SCO to 34703)

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 22

Your think­ing now tends to be cramped; which means that you are cur­rently your great­est en­emy. You may ex­press points of view which oth­ers judge to be too con­tentious. You are highly un­likely to get co-op­er­a­tion or sym­pa­thy. (PHONE 083 9140 609) (SMS SAG to 34703)

CAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 21

Although there should not be cause for great alarm, do­mes­tic dif­fi­cul­ties are likely to make you anx­ious and ner­vous. Clash­ing opin­ions will be at the core of dis­agree­ments in your home. The sit­u­a­tion could be­come ex­tremely volatile. (PHONE 083 9140 610) (SMS CAP to 34703)

AQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 20

Idle wishes are waste­ful ex­er­cises. Prac­ti­cal vi­sion un­der­scored with earnest en­deav­our is an en­tirely dif­fer­ent mat­ter. So you must recog­nise il­lu­sion for what it is, must rea­son, plan and op­er­ate strictly ac­cord­ing ab­so­lute truths. (PHONE 083 9140 611) (SMS AQU to 34703)

PISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 21

Burn­ing the can­dle at both ends is ask­ing for trou­ble. Your health needs pam­per­ing now and should not be sub­jected to any sort of strain so slow down a bit. Look at your diet as well with a view to swap­ping bad habits for bet­ter ones. (PHONE 083 9140 612) (SMS PIS to 34703)

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