The Star Early Edition - - TONIGHT COMICS - Tan­nah Hirsch

GOOD ENOUGH East-West vul­ner­a­ble. South deals. Open­ing lead: King of Spades A 4-4 fit will usu­ally play a trick bet­ter than a 5-3 fit, and this deal il­lus­trates why – in a 4-4 fit, a ruff in ei­ther hand will in­crease your trump tricks. Six di­a­monds was cold! Per­haps North should have bid four di­a­monds at his sec­ond turn to in­ves­ti­gate this pos­si­bil­ity, but he was afraid that bid would deny a club con­trol. The 5-3 heart fit would be good enough if South could make 12 tricks. De­clarer won the open­ing spade lead with the ace and took stock – he liked his chances. The auc­tion marked West with at least five spades and he was also likely to hold the king of clubs. If so, this would be an easy one. South drew trumps, cashed his four di­a­mond tricks, and be­gan to cash his re­main­ing trumps. This was the po­si­tion when the last trump was led:


West was cooked! He dis­carded a spade and South had a pleas­ant choice. He could dis­card a spade from dummy and exit with a spade, forc­ing West to lead away from his club king, or dis­card a club from dummy and lead a spade, es­tab­lish­ing dummy’s long spade. Happy days!

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